Reach More Users by Launching Your SaaS with Saastronautics

Reach More Users by Launching Your SaaS Tools with Saastronautics

Grow your core userbase, collect invaluable feedback, gain funds for reinvestment, and leverage your campaign to grow your MRR.

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Our Success Is Measured,in Our Partners’ Success

Our Success Is Measured
in Our Partners’ Success

When you partner with Saastronautics, you have a dedicated team focused on your success. We’re not simply throwing your product on our site and saying our goodbyes when the campaign is over. We are actively involved throughout the entire project lifecycle.

We are with you from the awareness campaigns ramping up to the deal launch to the end of the campaign and beyond. We’re staying on board to help you shift gears and generate MRR.

Why Choose Saastronautics?

Keep a Larger Share of
          <br/>the Sales You Make
Keep a Larger Share of
the Sales You Make

We want to create an environment of prosperity for all parties. It's for this reason that we want to make our partners feel like they are part of a platform that offers them as much value as the end-user. Saastronautics gives our Partners the lion's share of the sale.

Get Dedicated Support<br/>and Consultation
Get Dedicated Support
and Consultation

We'll never leave you alone in the digital environment. With Saastronautics, you get access to a platform, and a team, of SaaS professionals that understand your business. We consult with you on branding issues, marketing strategy, and generating more MRR for your company.

Leverage the Power of the<br/>Saastronautics Community
Leverage the Power of the
Saastronautics Community

As our partner, you have access to the Saastronautics community consisting of entrepreneurs, agency owners, digital marketers, and freelancers. Receive real-world feedback from our user base, allowing you to grow your SaaS offering in line with market expectations..

Is Your Product Ready?

Product is Live

We are looking for partners with products that are live and not a beta application or program. We expect our partners to launch market-ready SaaS tools that offer real value to our community.

Product Fits Our Audience

We ensure that all of the SaaS tools available on our platform meet the needs of our audience. We vet all of the SaaS tools on our platform to ensure they add value to the community.

Product is Stable

You can expect a massive influx of new users and we want to make sure your product can handle it. We want partners who are open to feedback and will continue to develop.