B2B Content Marketing: 20 Advanced Marketing Strategies for Internal Teams

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B2B Content Marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy that helps support the long-term objectives of a business. And whether you are an experienced content marketer or you just want to improve your company’s content, having a great strategy is really important.

In this article, we will talk about advanced content marketing tips to help you reach your internal goals.

But first, let’s discuss what b2b content marketing is.

What Is B2B Content Marketing?

B2b content marketing is a strategy to drive brand awareness. It focuses on distributing valuable content across different channels, thus generating leads and boost sales growth.

Additionally, B2b content focuses more on a wide range of content formats that demonstrate their brand to inform, inspire and engage prospects. However, knowing the importance of b2b content marketing to your business is not enough to boost your success.

So let us now cover some advanced strategies to optimize your business content marketing success.

20 Advanced Marketing Strategies For Internal Teams

Employee-shared contents

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Employee advocacy is now becoming more and more important in B2B content marketing. Studies show that employee-shared contents tend to get more insights than the content shared by the company in different channels.

And though it is hard to build up a company’s digital presence, with your employees sharing all the content, it is easier to get good credibility online.

Getting employees to share your company content can triple your organic each.
So employees can be the key to unlock the true potential of B2B content marketing, especially in social media.

The Quick hand-off of Content Leads

After qualifying your leads, knowing when is the right time to hand-off them to the sales team is really crucial. So it is important to note that when you already get enough data around your leads to compare their profiles with your ideal customer, you will need them to land on someone’s desk.

However, you have to make sure that the next department is notified so they can get back to the leads in a timely manner.

You also have to remember that even when the leads are on the sales territory, your job is not over yet. Not all of these leads will result in positive conversion, so it is your job to get them back to nurturing stage until the next check-in from the Sales team.

Personalization in Leads Nurturing Stage

Lead nurturing refers to the process of developing good relationships with clients at every stage of the sales funnel.

Nowadays, personalization is an integral part of B2B content marketing. People are now expecting a level of relevance on the products and services businesses offer.

But why personalization is important in Leads Nurturing?
Well, one reason is that personalization increases engagement and conversations. It can result in having client’s loyalty and trust and move them through your funnel.

Youtube SEO

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As attracting online attention becomes more competitive, reaching target audiences using videos is really effective.

Additionally, Youtube is the perfect way to increase your visibility in search engines like Google.

But among different video platforms out there, why use YouTube?

Studies show that uploading your video content on YouTube helps boost search engine visibility. It is mainly because your videos can appear directly in search results for keywords.
Being the second largest search engine in the world after Google, clients being able to find you on YouTube is not impossible.

Lastly, YouTube is easy to use and customize. Have the power to personalize your channel and your content to reflect your brand identity using Youtube’s awesome features.

Problem-solving Content

Convincing people to buy into your brand boils down to creating perceived value for your products and services.

Always remember that most people would not be receptive to hard-selling. So you need to guide them down a path that helps them feel engaged and show them how to solve their problems.

To guide them properly, you need to be armed with engaging and relevant content that will make them feel that visiting your site is not a waste of their time.

Beneficial Tutorial-style Case Studies

Publishing a case study is one of the oldest yet most effective types of B2B content marketing.

A case study is an analysis of a project someone related to your brand has accomplished. This includes identifying the problem points, the detailed solutions, implementations, and the end result. But while case studies can be helpful, they can also cause boredom to your readers. To prevent this from happening, try making tutorial-style case study blog posts or content that will increase your readers’ interest while helping them solve their challenges.

Traffic Hacking

Of course, you are not going to hack someone, but “hacking” is the perfect word to describe this strategy. Getting them rank on search engines often produces more leads and sign up than other blog categories.

Creating blog posts that can hack your competitor’s brand name can be very effective in B2b content marketing.

Google is the perfect tool to use in this strategy. With Google, you can find out who your competitors are and know what they are up to.

Gated Contents for Lead Generation

One question that marketers always ask once the product is finished is how they can present it to their audience.

Well, it actually depends on the ultimate goal of the content. But now, let us discuss what gated contents are and how they will be helpful for generating leads.

Gated contents are contents that visitors can access only after providing some information.

Gated content does not just help you generate leads but also helps in qualifying them. It provides analytics and insight to your customer, hence, an increase in sales revenue.

Practical Gated Assets

The best examples of gated assets to boost your lead growth are practical gated assets like templates and calculators.

Technically, templates, video tutorials, calculators and other practical content tends to get downloaded more than PDF guides. These guides specifically focus on how the users can solve their problems and do not require them to spend a lot of time reading.

Smart Pop-ups

Smart notifications and pop-ups based on user behavior is another good strategy for B2B content marketing. These smart pop-ups can increase the visibility of your brand and convert leads into valuable customers, boosting sales and customer engagement.

Moreover, it helps in capturing visitors’ data to grow your subscriber’s list.

Bite-sized Product Education

You can be a great content writer but the problem is some people are just too lazy to read. So another insightful tip for you is to create bite-sized content about your brand, your product, and your industry. This will give you an assurance that your content will have a lot of views no matter what the topic is all about. Bite-sized product information is perfect to share on your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Digital PR

Digital PR refers to an online marketing strategy used by companies to increase their online presence.

I bet you already know the importance of online presence, especially now that people tend to use a lot of time to scroll over the internet. Digital PR gives a positive impact on your website’s visibility online. It improves your SEO and rankings and improves your website traffic.

Furthermore, adding digital PR to your marketing can generate more leads and increase your revenue.

Market Audience Segmentation

Retargeting ads are simply a strategy that shows display ads to users who have already visited your site.

It has been proven to increase the likelihood of lost prospects returning to your website. But while retargeting alone is critical to retaining prospects, segmenting your strategy is more personalized and effective.

There are three simple steps you can do to segment your ads retargeting:
1. Identify your targets by segmenting users who interact with your brand online into insightful categories.
2. Create different ads for different segments to more effectively send web traffic back to your website.
3. Control your web traffic by making sure that your segmented retargeting ads are functioning in the same way.

Google Search Ads

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Google ads are profitable for businesses. These days, paid search is currently the best way that you can expect to receive targeted search traffic from Google.

However, it is hard to create an effective B2B pay-per-click campaign.

So here are simple tips you should remember:
1. Carefully build a keyword list that directly corresponds to the content of your website.
2. Minimize waste using matching types, negative keywords, and appropriate targeting.
3. Prepare for landing–your final and most important tool to ensure you will receive quality leads.

Facebook Ad Promotion

If you haven’t seen that Facebook ads have enormous potential for B2B content marketing, you are missing an important strategy.

High-converting blog posts and content can help persuade the audience more to click through your website. A combination of high-converting content and high-converting Facebook ads will surely give you increased traffic and growth in revenue.

SEO-driven Library

An SEO-driven content library can drive a lot of traffic to your website.

If you want to achieve a high-ranking for high volume key phrases, creating an organized library that Google loves, is a good way to do it. This B2B content marketing strategy revolves around improving visibility on major search engines like Google and it is really important in the digital marketing world.

Virtual Events

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These days, the rise of virtual events like webinars has become increasingly popular. Most meetings, business operations, and more are now moved online, thus making virtual events a useful B2B content marketing strategy.

Virtual events improve the agility of the hosting company and participants. It reaches more targets without using a lot of money. Moreover, they offer real-time solutions and provide a seamless experience with a time-saving method.

B2B Content Marketing Partnerships

Partnering with brands and influencers is another great B2B content marketing strategy. This will give you wider reach as they are going to include your brand in their own content.

However, you have to make sure that your external partners should really know your brand so they will really be able to understand and communicate your company’s message.

Proprietary Research

Another strategy is to create proprietary research that will attract journalists and bloggers. This gives increased visibility and wider reach for your brand.

Journalists and bloggers feature hundreds of stories each day. Grabbing their attention quickly and successfully is a must if you want them to write about you and your company.

Incentivized Backlink Outreach

Remember that having an effective link-building strategy is critical for boosting your website rankings–backlink outreach is one of them.

Let us try to understand first what backlink outreach is.

Backlinks or inbound links are links from one website to a page on another website. They are basically votes from other websites that tell search engines that the content is valuable and useful.
Outreach, on the other hand, is a method of proactively acquiring backlinks to your website by contacting other website owners.

Backlink outreach is one of the most frequent outreach campaigns that SEO is commonly using. It is an effective b2b content marketing strategy as you get to increase the number of people who visit your website. And the more people who visit your website, the more the conversion rate will be.


These advanced strategies can serve as your guide on how you can effectively improve your B2B content marketing.

It is not required to consider all of them though. You still have to prioritize and come up with your unique strategy for you to stand out among your competitors.

It’s understandable that coming up with the best strategy takes a lot of time.
So save these tips, come back to them and improve them.

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