Botbaba: Made Even Better with its New Features and Integrations!

Botbaba, a seamless no-code chatbot platform, was made even better and more exciting with its amazing new features and integrations!
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Botbaba, a seamless, no-code chatbot platform for creating WhatsApp and E-commerce Chatbot, has just been made even better with its new features and additional integrations. You’ve read it right! We are surprised too. As one of the most popular deals on Saastronautics, we find it staggering that the Botbaba team have already rolled out their first round of major upgrades. The botmaker that keeps on giving, these are majorly exciting times for all Botbaba users.

Why Get Botbaba?

Nowadays, businesses are relying on chatbots to solve queries in real time. But from all the chatbots in the market, why is Botbaba the only one worth using?

Before we walk through Botbaba’s new features and integrations, let us first dig deeper into why Botbaba is the best for your business.

1. Botbaba supports WhatsApp Chatbot development using the Official WhatsApp API. It currently works with Gupshup but they will be soon adding Twilio and WATI.

Why use Botbaba’s WhatsApp chatbot instead of just redirecting your customers to a FB or web bot? The answer is simple – data.

WhatsApp Bots get the contact number of your customers right away!

Gone are the days of preparing a lead magnet to trade contact details. With WhatsApp bots, you will get the contact number right away as soon as the customer sends a message to the bot. Thus, having the option to retarget on FB or run a drip campaign on WhatsApp. Unfortunately, this is clearly not possible with Messenger or Website bots.

2. Botbaba is primarily focused on E-Commerce and Retail Industry.

Botbaba’s E-commerce and retail features provide customers with a seamless omnichannel experience. This intelligent personal assistant is packed with 15 ready-to-use e-commerce features. Some of its important features include Store branding, SMS confirmation, and a wide variety of payment gateway with easy integration. Moreover, Botbaba integrates with 3rd party shopping carts like Shopify and Woocommerce for an even smoother customer experience.

3. Botbaba’s second focus is Lead Generation. It also has integrations with 3rd Party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.

Botbaba can help you start pre-qualifying your leads as soon as they message you! For that reason, you can improve your interaction with potential buyers. Better lead engagement means better sales. Botbaba also helps you manage your day-to-day activities such as accounting, project management and supply chain operations.

4. Superfast Development Cycle with new releases coming every week.

Monitoring interactions with real users will yield valuable insights and may signal explicit adjustments. Botbaba hears the experience of real end-users. More feedback means providing solutions in a fast and efficient manner.

5. The team is a big fan of code-less integrations.

Botbaba’s comprehensive chatbot tools are intuitive and easy to use because of its drag & drop builder. Anyone can quickly build a chatbot without any coding experience.

Botbaba is committed to equipping businesses with tools that can be implemented quickly and easily. That’s why we will see a lot of their code-less integrations in the future.

Wait, there’s more!

Did you know that:

  1. Botbaba has a native E-commerce module with built-in receipts and native payment gateway support. The native Ecommerce module has a cart abandon trigger too!
  2. Web Push notifications are possible now. This is a game-changer for both lead generation and E-commerce. Imagine being able to recover carts or leads with push notifications.
  3. The Ecommerce module can complete the checkout process and push the order to your POS/Accounting system (via Api).
  4. Botbaba has product Excel import/export functionality.
  5. Lastly, it has product variations as well.


Let us now walk through Botbaba’s new features!

1. Push Web Notifications

Botbaba had integrated with for push web notifications.

What is push web notification?

It is natural for you to see “alerts” that pop up on your phone with information from one of your installed mobile phone apps. Push web notifications work pretty much the same way, just on your desktop browsers. But what’s in it for Botbaba users?

Chatbots and push notifications are a lot like peanut butter and jelly. While both of them are pretty great on their own, they are downright phenomenal when combined.

One example is in terms of lead generation. Logically, lead generation consists of two stages. The pre-click side and the post-click side. On the pre-click side, you need to focus on getting your landing pages in front of the right customers. If the execution is correct, push notifications are the best way of achieving this. A well-executed push notification campaign can help you re-engage visitors. It can also give you audiences who are more likely to give you their attention and who are willing to click on your landing pages. However, you need to deliver an engaging experience to your leads to guarantee conversions, and Chatbots are the perfect tool for this.

Botbaba might have seen this great opportunity, hence the integration with

Specifically, this integration allows you to:

  • Send push notifications to users when a cart is abandoned on Botbaba, Shopify, or any other e-commerce integrations.
  • Launch push notification campaigns based on events from inside the bot.
  • Increase sales by sending discounts and offers based push notifications.
  • Now you can reach your web bot users as well which was not possible earlier, even when the chat is finished or the tab is closed.

Finally, Webpushr is free for up to 60k subscribers so you can go ahead and build a list!

2. Stack Up To 10 Codes For More Chatbots

With Botbaba, you won’t have problems stacking more codes for more chatbots. Originally, users have the capability of stacking 6 codes but because of popular demands, Botbaba converted it to 10. Additionally, sub-accounts are live already! You can now easily switch between accounts and see their leads, bots, and settings.

3. Botbaba E-commerce bot's cart abandon notification feature went live!

Cart Abandonment happens when potential customers start a check out process but drops out and exit your eCommerce store. With Botbaba’s Cart abandon notification feature, you can notify your customers that they need to complete their ordering process. In return, you can double your conversion rate as it gets the passive shopper to commit and create urgency.

4. Knowledge base is constantly updating every day.

Botbaba is aggressively updating its knowledge base,, every day.

It is where you can learn the basics about Botbaba as well as the users’ commonly asked questions. Aside from that, it is where you can see the settings and integrations plus some tips and tricks in using Botbaba.


Botbaba new Integrations
Botbaba New Integrations

Aside from these new features, Botbaba also has 7 new integrations.

1. Pabbly Connect

With Pabbly’s marketing automation feature, you can create automated workflows. Aside from that, it has a subscription billing tool that helps you manage your customer subscriptions, recurring payments, billing, and even failed payments. You can also create exciting coupons and discounts for your customers with Pabbly coupon management!

2. KonnectzIT

KonnectzIT lets you connect to up to 100 3rd party apps of your choice! Moreover, it helps you integrate multiple web apps and automate your workflow to save time, money, and effort on tedious, manual tasks. As a result, you can increase your productivity.


Waapi seeks to develop different solutions to improve the online sales process.

Due to popular demand, the LTD users will be able to create WhatsApp chatbots using this WhatsApp API as well. And this integration is an exclusive one for the Botbaba LTD users, it won't be available to monthly users.

4. Kirim Email

Using a website form to collect emails usually results in an average conversion rate of 4%. With Botbaba’s new integration with Kirim, you can now push the emails collected from Botbaba directly to Kirim Email. You will not stop winning the email game with this essential integration. Check and see your email capture conversion rate increase as high as 100%!

5. Line Integration

Line integration is now added to Botbaba’s roadmap. Line is a messaging app that is hugely popular in parts of Southeast Asia.

6. Nexweave

Nexweave is a next-generation engagement tool that boosts interaction and grabs more audience attention through individualized media. This tool creates interactive videos and images with custom parameters to help better audience engagement and even improve landing page engagement.

7. Shopify

Lastly, Botbaba integrated with Shopify. And yes, this is live now! Botbaba now receives events from Shopify to trigger actions like sending WhatsApp messages, Telegram messages, emails, or a custom API Call

Shopify is a big commerce platform so this integration is perfect for you, especially if you are a beginner and have no coding knowledge.

There is also a mini-giveaway happening where you could win done-for-you Official WhatsApp API Registration or done-for-you chatbots by botbaba. Click this link to know more 🙁


Botbaba is a real game-changer for small and big businesses. With its many integrations and commercial functionality, Botbaba will take your customer-communications into the future. Gone are the days where businesses have to hire massive teams of 24/7 customer support staff to wait for customers to get in touch. With Saastronautics’ exclusive Botbaba lifetime deal – you can get 24/7, deeply intuitive, AI-powered customer service. For life.

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