How to Convert Sales for E-Commerce Using Botbaba’s Intuitive Chatbots

Introducing Botbaba, a bot maker where you can make your very own chatbot for your Whatsapp Business Account or website – without any coding knowledge.

Botbaba – In recent years, chatbots have taken the business world by storm. Chatbots are now bringing a new way for entrepreneurs to communicate with their clientele. Chatbots are so highly sought after because of the great level of efficiency they can provide to a company’s customer service efforts.

For business owners, customer service is one of the most important factors for success. Customer service doesn’t only increase customer satisfaction but generates positive word of mouth about your brand. To achieve this manually, however, you would need to be available round the clock – or pay someone to be.

Scale Your Business With a Powerful Chatbot

With chatbots, you can improve the support processes of your business. Bots are programmed to give automated answers to common questions immediately. This automation saves you time and resources while increasing your customer service team’s productivity. It streamlines your service by only forwarding the request to you when human intervention is absolutely necessary.

Chatbots’ excellent support to your brand is proven to relatively increase sales. And with the right bot platform, your business can be a champ at providing customer service while gaining revenue. Introducing Botbaba, a bot maker where you can make your very own chatbot for your Whatsapp Business Account or website – without any coding knowledge.


Botbaba allows you to handle more tasks at the same time so that no customer has to wait. With this, you can scale up your operations to include more revenue-boosting tasks. In order for your brand to stand out, you must adopt competitive practices. Especially for e-commerce businesses that have a huge chunk of millennial customers who are highly inclined to instancy. Your brand won’t have the luxury of being passive anymore.

Botbaba, a Seamless No-Code Chatbot Platform

Botbaba is the perfect tool for an e-commerce business to boost brand presence. Its WhatsApp bots will add value and help you get more profit. From enrolling visitors into the sales funnel to converting them into your customers, Botbaba does everything a bot could do to make your business grow.

Botbaba is a user-friendly bot maker that lets you design a bot in minutes. It lets you automate your customer service to lead you to more sales and higher buyer satisfaction.

It has tons of features built to serve every unique use case.

  • WhatsApp Lead Gen – Lead generation is such a breeze using Botbaba’s WhatsApp lead generator. As soon as the users send their first message, Botbababa will have their contact details. Botbaba will automatically send these details automatically to a google sheet or your CRM. Botbaba natively integrates with Zoho, but HTTP requests can cover almost all CRM providers.
  • WhatsApp ECom – With Botbaba, you can promote your WhatsApp number everywhere to take orders. The bot will take orders, collect payments and make the necessary API calls to notify you. It also sends a confirmation to your customer, sends details to raise an invoice in your POS system and notifies your shipping partner as well. Also, the bot will send a message to the customer if the cart is abandoned before completing the order. Furthermore, you can send a message to the user asking for feedback a few days later, and once they reply to that message, their review can go live on your site or social media.
  • WhatsApp for Operations – If you’re thinking of building a mobile app for your internal operations then Botbaba is perfect for you. Botbaba’s bots can make 2-way HTTP Requests to your web services and show you the data right there on your WhatsApp. If you don’t have a web application, you can use Stackby, Google Sheets, or Airtables as your database, and Botbaba will fetch data from there.
  • Web Bot for Operations – Same as WhatsApp for operation but with awesome UI which has many input types.
  • Website Bot – Convert your website visitors to leads with Botbaba. Here you can show a different flow on every page of your website. You can also ask your visitors to continue their chat where they left off, even on their subsequent visits.
  • Web Bot as a landing page for FB/Google Ads – Give value to the visitor, Qualify your visitors by asking questions, and take their contact details.
  • WhatsApp button as FB Ads CTA – You already have their name and number when they send you the first message, after that it’s all about qualifying your leads.
  • Mobile App Alternative – If you are thinking to build a mobile app for any purpose, think again because Botbaba can take care of most of the use cases.

And there’s more ..

  • Calendly booking using Botbaba’s Web/WhatsApp Bot with pre-filled name, mobile, email fields (if the bot has already collected these).
  • Pricing Calculator – Create an estimate generation chatbot using the same E-commerce mechanism. With Botbaba, you can add your products/services as the items.
  • Insurance Premium Calculator – Botbaba can take all the details from the end-user which are required to generate a premium value. You can push those details to insurance premium APIs and it will give the premium amount in response which Botbaba can display to the user. Similar other types of calculators can also be built.
  • SMS Marketing using Bot Link – You can send SMS in bulk from Botbaba using any SMS gateway provider of your choice. The SMS text will contain a CTA to click the bot link, when users click the link and hop on to the bot, the bot will address the user by their name. Without asking the name of the user, the bot will also know what’s their mobile number. Botbaba used this mechanism extensively to generate leads.
  • URL Shortener – Botbaba comes with an inbuilt URL shortener that can be accessed using the SMS campaigns module.
  • Web e-commerce bots can track sales made by their affiliates – Botbaba can read the query parameters as a variable inside the bot.
  • URL Query Parameter Tracking (web bot) – Botbaba can read the parameters passed in the URL as a variable. e.g. {bot link}?source=SaastronautGroup . This given example will let you know the source of the traffic. Alternatively, you can also pass the bot user’s name in the query parameter and your website or customer support bot can address your signed-in users by their name.

Botbaba Your Right Hand in Providing Better Service

As Kuromon Market in Osaka was about to close for the evening I sampled some delicious king crab and did a final lap of the market when I stumbled upon one of the most Japanese scenes I could possibly imagine, a little girl, making friends with a robot.
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Botbaba’s WhatsApp and web-based e-commerce chatbot will fill your business’ pipeline with qualified leads. It enables your brands to communicate with your customer base instantly.

Make your customers feel that your brand is one step ahead, like a friend who is available 24/7, and improve your brand perception in the long run.

Botbaba isn’t just about automating customer service chats, it is rooted in building deeper connections with customers. Here you can add personality to your brand and reduce customer waiting time. You can effortlessly design your bots according to your desires. No need to have an intensive background in coding, as Botbaba’s drag and drop builder will do the magic for you.

Botbaba is here to ease the pain your brand’s customer support is facing today. Send your sales into hyperspace with a WhatsApp bot that will reduce customer waiting time and create a relationship for successful conversion.

As always, Saastronautics is here to help you integrate Botbaba to your business. If you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to our team, so we can get you started as effortlessly as possible.

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