How To Choose The Right Keywords For The Platform You Are Promoting

Our Saastronaut of the Month for April, Kartik Sharma, have shared great insights on how we can choose the right keywords for the platform we are promoting. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the importance of choosing the right keywords for your content and the ways on how you can effectively do it.

April Saastronaut of the Month—Kartik Sharma

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Choosing the right keywords and key phrases is an important step of SEO. This will identify which words people use when seeking general information.

choosing the right keywords for SEO

In spite of this, some marketers still take for granted the easy steps of choosing the right keywords. But if you are one of those business owners who to scale using SEO, it is essential to improve your content.

Moreover, to reap the prize of your SEO goals, you have to be mindful in picking the right keywords. In the long run, you’ll be able to collect the information that helps you identify which ones are stable and which need more work.

We put together the information you may need for a successful SEO campaign.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is identifying the terms that people usually enter into search engines. This is important in SEO as it will bring you insights about the topics you can work on in your content. But keyword research isn’t just about analyzing the number of searches in a specific keyword. It is fundamental in giving marketers a better understanding of how you can drive the right traffic to your site.

The base of your website is built on keywords. You will fulfill the needs of your audiences by maintaining to analyze the popular searches and choose the right keywords for the content you want to make. It is a worthy job to do as it will greatly affect the interests of the consumers in your content.

Why Is Choosing The Right Keywords Important?

I guess you’ve already heard how marketers question the importance of keywords in SEO nowadays. Over the past years, Google has changed its concept of ranking sites in popular search. They prioritize well-written content on this new method. As a result, the importance of the usage of keywords has been asked.

Does keyword still matter? Totally.

After all, the number of people searching the net is continuously rising. The right keywords are still a fundamental part of SEO. Google may have changed the old way of tracking them, but people still search the same.

Therefore, knowing the right keywords still lets you reach a wider market. Additionally, as it drives traffic to your site, your chances are also getting higher to be rank on the most popular search engines. Focusing your marketing campaigns based on keyword research will reap your prize.

How to Choose the Right Keywords for The Platform You Are Promoting

As businesses face the challenges of making their spots in digital marketing, the right keywords are your pass in achieving this goal. In this part, we will provide you with several ideas on how to choose the right keywords for your platforms…

Set and Understand Your Overall Goals

Rather than increasing your revenue, create a more specific set of goals. Every business strategy has its step-by-step process, target outcome and expectations.

Specifically, identify if you are targeting a specific audience, or your content can be flexible. Are you selling products, or providing general information? These are just some pointers to consider when you want your business to grow through SEO.

Analyze The Competition

One thing you have to look over when finding the right keywords is through your competitors’ sites.

You need to have a better understanding of their rankings. The web offers different tools where you can analyze the traffic on any site. By doing this, you’ll get insights into how you can create your own strategies.

Additionally, you can consider hiring an SEO agency to do the work for you. They will help you match and choose the right keywords whenever Google checks your website.

Analyze Search Intent

After knowing your competitive power, it’s time to fit on the shoes of the consumers. For you to be able to find the right keywords, you need to think like them.

For instance, ask yourself how would you search for something on the web. If you have a broken kettle, would you search “how to fix a kettle” or “affordable kettle brand”? These two keywords are entirely different. One is looking for information, while the other one is commercial.

That is right, you’ll be doing different content focused on these two keywords. Because this will bring you to different landing pages. Commercial and general information search intents are highly competitive. That is the reason why to need to create a unique content focused on those key phrases.

Don't Be Too Broad or Too Specific

Broad key phrases are tough to compete with, so does too specific terms. Hence, you have to remember that the right keywords for your campaigns must be concise and specific. Long-tail keywords will give you more chances of ranking to the top. It mostly consists of 4 length words. And will be more focused on narrowing the results which the people like.

For example, searching for “SEO” will give you millions of results. Meanwhile, typing “the importance of SEO” is a better term to focus on.

Use Keyword Research Tools

There are a lot of tools that you can use to help your organic traffic grow. It will filter out untapped words that will give you the best opportunity in making it to the top. Thus giving you great insights to choose which are the right keywords for your promotions.

Keyword research tools will generate your competition, search volumes and organic traffic in sites. It provides detailed results. Generally, it will make your keyword search so much easier.

Google Trends

Where else can we look other than Google’s suggestions itself? Gathering keywords based on popular sources on Google is a great option.

Additionally, they have their own tool for keyword research. Google Adwords Keyword Planner is free to use. It will provide you with the exact information you need to get started.

Do Your Own Keyword Tests

Find out what the consumers see when they search for a specific term. Try all the keywords you listed, from short-tail, mid-tail to long-tail keywords. Study the difference of results based on these forms. From then, you’ll have a clear picture of your best options.

Seeing from your audience's perspective is important. Thus, testing your own keywords is a must.

To Sum Up

Learning how to use keyword research is necessary. Its key benefit is a successful search strategy. It may not give you consistent results, but it will open you to more ideas on how you can further improve your strategy. Evaluate how the outcomes progress over time. And change what doesn’t work.

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