Kartik Sharma – Our Fourth Saastronaut Of The Month

Fear Regret more than Failure because, unlike Regret, Failure can be a starting point for something New.”- Kartik Sharma

As the Saastronautics community continues to grow, so too does our commitment to celebrating each and every one of our members. While our main industry might be delivering the latest, greatest SaaS tools at ridiculously discounted prices, our second line of work is working with people. Which people? You people.

Since beginning our Saastronaut of the Month series, we have been thrilled to get to know even more of you a little bit better. We can’t wait to share your stories with the world. This month, we introduce you to a Saastronaut who has experience working in IT consulting, develops apps with millions of downloads, and much more.

Presenting, Kartik Sharma– the man behind KsharkApps.

Getting To Know Kartik Sharma

Kartik Sharma is a driven growth hacker and entrepreneur. He founded KShark Apps– a premier Mobile Application Development Venture with expertise in native UI/UX Development. He wants to help entrepreneurs solve problems by designing innovative mobile solutions.

I consider myself a tactical app marketer who is passionate about helping people and building a sustainable app business in the process.”- Kartik Sharma.

Kartik started developing apps when he was 20 years old when, he was still in college. It was one of his hobbies and he never had an idea that this will become his profession. Currently, his Apps in Android have generated thousands of dollars of revenue and have been downloaded over 9.7 million times in over 143 countries.

However, before starting KSharkApps, he worked first with Infosys– an IT consulting service, and PressPlayTv– a travel entertainment startup. However, he had one big decision in his life that has a great contribution to who he is today. That was his decision to take a big leap and start his own mobile development studio and develop apps for Android.

Kartik loves traveling. He wanted to have the freedom of choosing the time and place he will work– anytime, anywhere. So when he decided to take the big leap in his career, he was able to travel 17 countries, while working.

Our Sasstronaut of the Month’s startup journey

KShark Apps by Kartik Sharma
KShark Apps

He started KSharkApps in 2017. And if you are wondering what’s behind its name, this is what he got to say:

“I took the name from a dev forum I was a part of, I am a full-on nerd. My pseudo name in the forum was kshark27. I took the name from there.”

Our SOTM does not believe in some sort of pattern or formula to become a successful entrepreneur. For him, everyone has their own journey. He also mentioned that the biggest factor he saw in successful people is their perseverance. Perseverance in a way that they always feel they have a solid chance of winning if they give it a try. Thus making them put 100% of themselves into the task.

For Kartik, when he started, everything was experimental. His goal was really to travel and not really to start his own business or to earn more money. Yet he decided to make it a full-time career because it seems to him that he can never go back to where he came from– working for a company.

He mentioned that there were some friends who wanted to hire him. However, he didn’t want to accept any jobs nor to have any clients so he told them that he wants 10,000 dollars every single month if they want to work with him. The funny thing was there was someone who actually agreed. And that’s where everything started. He realized that he can make a crazy amount of money by doing what he loves so he decided to say yes. And when hen he did, that person reached 50000 downloads in just a span of 3 to 4 months.

Kartik Sharma In His Own Words

Kshark Apps is continuously thriving. Kartik mentioned that they are now building Whitelabel apps and sell them to businesses. He also shared that they are only having about 3-4 clients every single month, and note more than that. The reason is he wants to focus on giving great results to his clients. For him, it is better to have fewer clients and give them great work than handle 10 clients at the same time but with a low quality of work.

Q: What do you want people to remember about KShark Apps?

A: For me, it’s the quality apps and quality experiences. I want people to know, whenever they see the apps that we developed that we are trusted and we can be trusted.

Q: What advice can you give to app developers who have just started?

A: Be very careful with the timing. It is important for someone to know when is the right time to launch and to market an app because every second, anything can happen. Keep looking at the market, see what people are looking for. Follow the trends and build on them. For e.g Bitcoin is all the craze right now, so make some app directed towards that audience. Listen to what the market is saying, don’t blindly get romantic about your app idea.”

Q: What do you want people to learn from you?

A: Always take a break. It doesn’t mean that you are going to cut everything out. What happens is that you will just have a basically different mindset. If you want to build or do something always take a step back and think.

Kartik Sharma’s most satisfying moment in business

Every entrepreneur has their own satisfying moments. And for Kartik, it's when he was on a vacation in Bali and enjoying the time of his life. While enjoying his vacation he realized that his life is so different from what he had 2 years ago. To him, it seemed like he was looking at it at a very far angle and realizing that that specific moment is something that would make his life perfect.

When he started his own business, he would take holidays, relax and then think about what is something he wants to work on next.

That’s Kartik Sharma– our featured Saastronaut for April. We hope that you have learned a lot from his journey. Learn more from Kartik on our SOTM live webinar event on the 23rd of April, 2021! Join our Facebook community for more updates about our SOTM program!

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