Nirmal Desai – Our Third Saastronaut Of The Month

Failure is a part of success, but you have to fail fast. When you fail fast, you can stand up fast and move forward.-Nirmal Desai

We introduced our Saastronaut of the Month series to highlight special ways of doing business from entrepreneurs within our community. As a SaaS platform, Saastronautics is committed to finding the best and latest SaaS tools on the market. Our Saastronauts share our passion for making businesses grow. This is the spirit we celebrate with our Saastronaut of the Month series.

Presenting our Saastronaut of the Month for March – Nirmal Desai, Founder of CreedAlly.

Nirmal was able to not just sustain his business, but exceed his initial goals amidst the crisis brought by COVID-19. All while being one of the kindest and most empathetic entrepreneurs we have had the pleasure of meeting.

Getting To Know Nirmal Desai

Nirmal understands the joy and excitement of starting a business, as well as the challenges that accompany it. He also knows the frustrations of losing tons of money in outsourcing development tasks. This was the inspiration for CreedAlly.

Our SOTM founded CreedAlly on March 21st, 2019 but it was registered on April 10th, 2019. He created a team of experienced WordPress consultants and developers. His team takes care of everything–right from getting a business off the ground to managing complex multiple WordPress websites & daily maintenance tasks. They are focused on giving their clients the results they can be proud of and the confidence to keep running their businesses.

CreedAlly will be completing its second year on April 10, 2021, and has grown more than 100% since its inception, exceeding Nirmal’s initial expectations.

Nirmal Desai As CreedAlly’s Founder

To Nirmal, CreedAlly is not just a platform. It is a place where everyone can achieve their goals and exercise their passions. This is the main pillar of CreedAlly. Nirmal mentioned the 3Cs of the business–customer, client, and company. He believes that for a business to succeed, the 3c’s need to have the same vision on how to do things.

With that vision in mind, CreedAlly is a group of people who aim to achieve their individual goals as part of their work. Nirmal shared that “Creed” means a set of beliefs and “Ally” means a group of people having the same goals. So from the company’s name itself, you will see that Nirmal focuses on not just his growth, but his employees and his company’s growth too. He also mentioned how he focuses on employee appreciation and satisfaction because he values his staff greatly.

He also highlighted how important it is to take care of people and to remain transparent. This mindset is not only adopted by Nirmal but his team members as well. It is constantly reflected in how they treat their clients. Nirmal treats his employees with the same respect he expects them to show their clients. He said that no matter how big or small the client is, they should be treated in the same manner.

Our Saastronaut Of The Month’s Journey

The biggest challenge for Nirmal Desai was starting up the business from scratch. He started this business with only $500 in his bank account while just working at home. But after 6 months, when he hired 5 people, they moved to an office. He believed that working from home for a startup company is not a good idea. And with the right mindset, he was able to start the business and sustain it even without funding.

He also added that when starting a team, every day is a challenge. Hiring the team, thinking about their growth, all for him, are not easy. Before he was just thinking about his own growth. But because his people trust in him, he always makes sure that he will focus on their growth too.

Being a startup, it is hard to sustain a business without funding. But our SOTM said that he was blessed to come across good customers who believed in the quality of their work. With the character and mindset and successful delivery of the team, he was able to sustain the business. Amidst the pandemic, CreedAlly survived and Nirmal believes that’s because he has a great team.

Nowadays, his main challenge is recruiting people with the right mindset. Nirmal Desai believes that skills should be present but the character is more important. So what he’s doing to recruit the right people is to connect with them and make sure that they give them the best growth.

We can always train someone but attitude is something more important. – Nirmal Desai

Our SOTM’s Top Priorities

When asked about his top priorities, Nirmal immediately said “delivering great work to customers. Beyond that, Nirmal’s top priority is maintaining the culture of his company. And only then, the company’s growth. Maintaining high standards, curating culture, and constantly growing all work in tandem with each other. All three priorities play into making the others happen smoother.

The most satisfying moment for me isn’t when someone says ‘you are growing great.’ It is when someone tells me that we have delivered the work or exceeded what they’ve envisioned.

Nirmal and the team have survived the rough patch. They haven’t started marketing and any other campaigns but he believes they are growing at just the right pace, given global circumstances.

Out SOTM’s Biggest Fear As An Entrepreneur

Unlike any other entrepreneurs who fear losing a lot of money or going bankrupt, Nirmal Desai’s main concern is health and fitness. With the health crisis, we are in right now, his fear is more on his own, his clients’ and his employees’ health. For him, being mentally and physically healthy allows everyone to think of a nice idea and deliver nice work.

If you are happy and healthy, people around you feel happy. My wife and my family are very supportive and that makes me mentally free. For me, a family’s support is the biggest support you can get.

Work-life Balance

Photographer: Loic Leray | Source: Unsplash

We also shared how he balances his career and personal life. He said that he makes sure that he does not work on the weekends. From Monday to Friday, he is working for around 14 to 16 hours, but during the weekend he makes sure that he will make up with the time with his family.

He also firmly believes in having a work-life balance even though he is a founder of a startup company. He shared that one important part of his work-life balance is his pet, Jasper. His pet was born just a day after he founded his company–what an amazing omen.

Nirmal Desai And His Mission

His mission is to make the lives of business owners easier by leveraging the right technology. Having worked with top-class WordPress Agencies, he has embarked on the path to kick-start the next-generation WordPress Agency. This agency focuses on consistently over-delivering and weaving a product collaboration with WordPress-business owners.

When asked where he would see his company in 3 years, this is what he got to say:

We are growing and we want to be in the top listed WordPress agency in the ACPC region and around the world that are working and elevates the business with high-end WordPress Solutions.

That’s Nirmal Desai – our featured Saastronaut for March. We hope that you have learned a lot from his journey and that you will apply what you’ve learned from him to boost your business strategies.

Saastronautics will continue to celebrate each and every one of our users. We love learning what makes entrepreneurs tick, so we can refine our understanding of what businesses really need in the SaaS tools they deploy.

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