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Low conversion rate is one of the most common stresses for digital entrepreneurs today. Many people who struggle with low conversion rates realize that personalizing content or emails can lead to better conversions. This, however, can be extremely tedious and time-consuming.

Thanks to MC Naveen, personalization doesn’t have to mean pain anymore.

MC Naveen came up with Personalizery to solve all the personalization problems you face with your content. It can also personalize all your blog posts, landing pages, lead magnets, and more!

It is a dynamic personalization software that requires 0 coding knowledge to use. With Naveen’s powerful SaaS tool, your content won’t just look personalized, it will feel personalized.

Getting to know MC Naveen

MC Naveen is a blogger, digital marketer, and growth hacker, all at the same time. He is also a developer and has developed a couple of free products, including Text Case Converter for Android and WordPress Heading Plugin (currently available on the WordPress Repository). He has been blogging since 2016 and has good knowledge of SEO and Page Speed Optimization.

Naveen decided to create this powerful personalization platform because he noticed that no SaaS tools were offering high-quality content-level personalization. He thinks that content-level personalization is important because images can affect the load time of the Webpage each time the image is being loaded from their server.

“No there is no control in your hands for your own data. Content Personalization is the Future of Marketing.”

MC Naveen In His Own Words

Q: Explain your SaaS in a few sentences

A: Imagine you're a musical artist and you want to sell musical concert tickets to last year's attendees or waitlist people. All you have is their name and email address. So you can send an Email explaining "Blah Blah Blah" book your tickets right now with a button saying "Buy Tickets" when they press that button definitely they gonna land on some webpage. Let's say a website built with WordPress. You'll put your time to personalize the email. But they will leave that email page with a single click of a button. So what is the use of that? Imagine. What if the landing page is also personalized for the users? Here is where Personalizery plays a huge role. It helps to personalize the content for the existing collected leads or new leads via Messenger. The personalization of content is limited by your imagination.

Q: What is your software's USP?

A: Your Data, Your Control. Nothing stays on our server or nothing served from our end. No Limit on Personalization, which means you can personalize any number of web pages there will be no limit on personalization like how other image personalization SaaS is doing. It also won't affect your website speed or SEO. Moreover, server via URL once and following pages will also be personalized until the user/reader clears the browser cookies, cache. It also has full-featured license manager dashboard to authorize websites no matter it's your's or client's website.

Q: What are the long-term goals for your SaaS?

A: My long-term goals for Personalizery are Auto Country Detection and Injection of Country Name inside the Content. I am also aiming for Chrome Extension to Build a Personalized URL that users can insert on Email. More than that I'm happy to work on people’s needs– everything that is related to personalization.

Personalizery and You

MC Naveen makes personalization easy through Personalizery.

MC Naveen created Personalizery to help you personalize anything with Ease. It works with content, heading, sidebar, and more! It makes personalizing content for existing leads easier, so your leads will not go in vain.

In addition, it is compatible with all page builders and themes. Its unlimited personalization feature will definitely make your personalized marketing be in a breeze! And if you want to capture leads easily? We got your back! Your content has a personal touch on the readers, so you won’t worry about them not converting!

Send your email and content marketing into hyperspace and turn your leads into loyal and praying customers! Reach out to MC Naveen at [email protected]

You can also reach out to our support team at [email protected] in case you have any queries. The Saastronautics team is always ready to help, should you need any clarifications.

Get to know MC Naveen and Personalizery better here at Personalizery’s introduction webinar.

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