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"Ask yourself at every moment, 'Is this really necessary?'" – Greg Bardwell

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Marketing Automation is the key to help businesses become more efficient in their marketing efforts. Its main objective is to run lead management and workflow to educate the targets in becoming a loyal customer. However, switching to this new system requires a lot of effort and money.

Faced with this challenging automation solution, marketers questioned its practicality and worth. To decide about switching their methods, a company needs to scavenge the market. Because they have to look for the right tool that best fits their needs and budget.

What if there is a solution to all of those problems mentioned above?

Because the good news is, marketing automation for small service and SaaS companies have been unlocked. Big thanks to Greg Bardwell, the founder of SaturnOne – Finally, true marketing automation accessible to small businesses!

Greg Bardwell – The Man Behind SaturnOne

Greg Bardwell

Greg Bardwell first launched his first software business in MathRealm. And he took all the things he learned from it and co-founded a company in 1994 which he managed for fourteen (14) years. He then built another software business called Innovative Query, Inc. He partnered with the NSA (National Security Agency) which lasted for over 5 years.

As he describes, Greg has then worked on “a weird path.” He became a part of different SaaS businesses, the B2B Content Engine, Saturn Social, and BestOpenHousAapp. All these hard works, struggles, and successes led Greg Bardwell to build true marketing automation that is accessible for small businesses. A better lead flow and conversion rates with lead generation tools, email marketing, and automation – SaturnOne!

Greg Bardwell In His Own Words

Q: What did you work on before this?

Answer: My first software business was marketed un MathRealm…and learning business I co-founded in 1994 and ran for 14 years. Then I founded (Innovative Query, Inc.) a software business where I worked with the NSA (National Security Agency) providing our software and services for over 5-years. From there a weird path to marketing technology where I work on 3 different SaaS businesses…The B2B Content Engine, Saturn Social, and BestOpenHousAapp. The experiences from all three combined to create (formerly Saturn Funnels).

Q: Explain your SaaS in a few sentences

Answer: Marketing automation accessible for small Services and SaaS businesses. More Than Email … SaturnOne has the tools, templates, and processes to let you grow faster…

Q: Where is your team based and how big is your team? Anything particular that stands out about your company culture?

Answer: Distributed team with me in Rockville, MD, USA. Three people all total.

Q: Why did you create this SaaS?

Answer: With my last SaaS, we were struggling to integrate 5-tool with APIs and Zapier and we still could not see our customer journeys nor could we do behavior behavior-based marketing.

Q: What is your software's USP?

Answer: Affordable and accessible in execution and ramp-up.

Q: What is the software features that you want us to focus on in our content?

Answer: No idea…email system is what Joon and Parker seem to focus upon. But our new design system may give it a unique advantage?

Q: What are the long-term goals for your SaaS?

Answer: Multi-million dollar ARR SaaS business…marketing automation for several SMB niches.

SaturnOne and You

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SaturnOne marketing automation to grow your business.

Greg Bardwell created a marketing automation platform that offers not just email automation. It also offers tools, templates, and processes to make your marketing campaigns successful. Additionally, its mission is to provide you with automated processes to help you get the flywheel of lead generation, trials, onboarding, and customer success up and running!SaturnOne’s mission is to provide you with the tools and automated processes to help you get the flywheel of lead generation, trials, onboarding, and customer success up and running! includes all the tools you need to generate and capture leads. Then nurture and educate them to becoming loyal customers. They offer analytics to help you understand where your leads and customers are coming from.

SaturnOne also offers in-app event monitoring and triggers to convert more trials to customers. Greg suggests starting small with lead capture and email automation then grow as your company develops. Add advanced marketing automation and analytics, then follow it with behavior-based automation to convert better and reduce churn.

Build your marketing flywheel with the help of SaturnOne!

Reach out to the founder Greg Bardwell at [email protected], if you have any queries.

Saastronautics, as always, is on hand should you need any clarifications. You can also reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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