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Iftekher, Founder of RetargetKit Retargeting allows you to reconnect with your one-time visitors. With RetargetKit’s all-in-one smart audience retargeting mechanism, you can increase your reach in the most cost-effective way possible. We bring you Iftekher Islam Sunny, the man behind RetargetKit. Get lifetime access at https://saastronautics.com/retargetkit

“I built RetargetKit to save more time, money, and effort with an all-in-one tool kit”

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Retargeting your audience is very important. Retargeting allows you to reconnect with your one-time visitors. It reminds your potential buyers of their desire to purchase from your site. One-time visitors have expressed interest in your product, retargeting them closes the deal.

Iftekher Islam Sunny is the founder of RetargetKit. An all-in-one smart audience retargeting mechanism that increases your reach in the most cost-effective way possible.

The Man Behind RetargetKit

As big fans of his work, Saastronautics is delighted to share Iftekher's story with all of you.

Before establishing RetargetKit, Iftekher built another SaaS tool, LARAKITS. It's a Laravel SaaS starter kit that Laravel developers use for building their SaaS products.

His personal experience of the struggle of retargeting pushed him to create an all-in-one retargeting tool kit. He designed this tool to facilitate any brand’s remarketing strategy easily.

Iftekher designed RetargetKit to boost the reach of your audience by capturing your one-time visitors. This tool will also allow you to maximize your retargeting campaigns and boost your revenue.

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Iftekher Islam Sunny in his Own Words

Iftekher aims to enhance and sustain businesses’ ad performance better through the power of retargeting. It is a cost-effective platform that provides valuable experience to digital marketers.

Sit tight as we share with you his thoughts about his product.

Q: What does RetargetKit do?

A: RetargetKit is link management and lead generation tool, built for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, social advert managers, marketing agency owners.

Q: Why did you create this SaaS?

A: While working on a big project for a company in 2018, I (Iftekher) was looking for a retargeting service by which I can shorten the URLs, retarget visitors, a simple lead generation tool for my lead magnet. A tool that has everything so that I don't have to subscribe to multiple SaaS products and switch tab-to-tab. But considering the existing tools, they have very limited features. Some have very complex UI, very late response, delay in feature updates, and not building new features continuously.

Most importantly, have to use more than one tool. Which means investing more money, time, and effort. To solve my problems, I built RetargetKit. I built all the necessary features along with analytics. With every single day, I made RetargetKit bigger and better. This turned out to be one very big and essential tool. I submitted RetargetKit on Product Hunt and got a very good response. After that, I never had to look back.

Q: What is your software's USP?

A: All-in-one retargeting and link management toolbox. No need to subscribe to any other tool. RetargetKit offers more flexibility and a 100% white label agency feature which is not offered by any link management and lead generation company.

Q: What are the long-term goals for your SaaS?

A: Our long-term goal is to reach out to every online marketer, solve their marketing issues, help them build their sales funnel with RetargetKit, grow tremendously, and free them from the hassle of multiple tool usage.

RetargetKit and You

RetargetKit carries compact features dedicated to expanding brand awareness. With this, you can control social media marketing ads and increase sales just by retargeting.

It’s not just a simple link shortener that tracks your visitors on different ad platforms. With RetargetKit, you can analyze your links’ performance, allowing link branding and link retargeting.

It is easy to start your retargeting journey with Retargetkit’s highly customizable campaigns. You will be able to track your audience on social media platforms and refine your retargeting strategy.

The Right Mindset to Retarget

RetargetKit will help you build and promote your brand. Grow your social media engagement and boost your conversions.

Its features include lead generation that lets you customize and create various opt-in links that can be clicked by your visitors and retain them as much as possible. You can also use its bio-link feature to track the performance of links on your different social media profiles.

RetargetKit’s curated landing page allows you to create a landing page for your campaign in minutes.

With the RetargetKit software's help, you can create an exciting and engaging overlaying call-to-action button and display them on your different social media handles.

The brand shortener feature allows you to keep your links and campaigns sleek at all times.

RetargetKit comes with tools to create and customize your widgets that you can display on your website. This will serve as a great attention catcher for your audience.

Give yourself an edge in the world of digital marketing. Reach out to Iftekher Islam Sunny at [email protected] if you have any questions about how RetargetKit can help your brand. Our team at Saastronautics is always on hand to answer questions, eliminate doubts, and smoothen your SaaS journey in any way possible.

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Boost your brand campaigns by capturing your one-time visitors.

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