Imran Ladiwala – Built KIWI to Fix The Hiring Process for Freelancers.

“There has to be a better approach to hiring freelancers. I wanted to win clients with solutions rather than proposals, that’s why I created KIWI”

Freelancing is expected to grow immensely in the coming years.  Freelancing is no longer considered a mere side hustle, it has blossomed into an industry of its own.

There is an increasing amount of talent available online for companies to tap into. More and more people are realizing that freelancing could be a better way to work. Freelance work facilitates better work-life balance, and can even lead to a much higher rate of pay. For businesses, using freelancers can increase full-time employee productivity. It can also reduce the costs of physical office space. 

There are various popular freelancing platforms to choose from. These are the avenues where businesses search for freelancers and try to discern between them based on experience, skills, and other related criteria. For freelancers looking for work, these platforms require proposals, interviews, and lots of selling before any work is confirmed. 

We bring you our featured founder, Imran Ladiwala. The creator of KIWI, a platform for freelancers that aims to totally change the game for freelancers and the businesses that hire them. 

The Man Behind KIWI

Imran started out by building business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) products for a global audience. Before he founded KIWI, he was a part of the startup ecosystem for more than 15 years. 

Imran has contributed to some of India’s biggest websites, including – one of India’s favorite game websites. Imran has always had an inclination for providing global services. Imran was also part of Go Ibibo, India’s 2nd largest travel portal, and Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz is an instant messenger with over 250 million users. 

Having done work as a freelancer over the course of his career, Imran understands the frustrations of freelancing. The thankless hours spent looking for work, with no promise of meaningful returns. The proposals and zoom calls lead to nothing. 

To make things better for freelancers everywhere, Imran built KIWI. Imran knows the market is begging for a platform that is actually fair to freelancers while helping clients meet their goals more efficiently. Imran created KIWI to be an effortless freelancing avenue, for freelancers and their clients. 

With KIWI, expert freelancers will have hassle-free hiring selection and get paid fast. These 2 steps will already drastically improve the freelancing experience for most people. Imran designed KIWI to represent fast and reliable transactions for both clients and freelancers.

Imran Ladiwala in his Own Words

Q: What does KIWI do? 

A: KIWI is a TaaS (Talent as a Server) and SaaS platform. We connect clients with expert freelancers who are available to resolve their issues in real-time. When clients are looking on Youtube for solutions to small issues, KIWI pops out and helps them connect with a freelancer that has the expertise to resolve that exact issue.

Q: Why did you create this SaaS?

A: As a client – Discovering and hiring expert freelancers has become extremely difficult. When I share my task/project details, I am bombarded with proposals, sales pitches, and bids. And even after all of this, I have to take a gut-feel call on hiring a freelancer. There had to be a better approach to hiring freelancers. That’s why I created a KIWI. As a Freelancer – I am excellent at my craft, but not the best person at sales. The current platforms, require me to send fancy-looking proposals rather than providing solutions. When a client posts a project, it starts a bidding war. Then it’s a race to the bottom. I wanted to win clients with solutions rather than proposals. That’s why I created KIWI.

Q: What is your software’s USP?

A: We connect an expert freelancer with a client in less than 180 seconds. – The freelancer doesn’t have to send a proposal or a sales pitch. – Just be excellent at your craft. – As a platform, we do not charge any commission on the money you make. – We do not like to hold your money and therefore, you get your money within 60 minutes.

Q: What are the long-term goals for your SaaS?

A: The long term goal of KIWI is to help to generate income with the expertise you have. If you are an expert at anything. And when I say anything, I mean anything. You should be able to monetize that expertise. An example, If you know how to tie a tie, we will connect you with someone who needs your help. If you are an expert at WordPress, Shopify, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Cooking, Fitness, Education, anything at all, we have a client for you.

KIWI and You

KIWI is the home of highly-skilled and talented experts that are ready to resolve issues in real-time. As long as you know your skillset, KIWI will find your work. With KIWI, there is no need to sell yourself and drown in endless proposals. As long as you can do specific jobs, KIWI will find those jobs for you.

When a client is searching YouTube for a DIY solution in an area of your specialty while you’re online, KIWI will automatically offer to link the client to you. The client has 60 seconds to accept the offer. If he does, KIWI will automatically put the two of you in a meeting. You will be expected to do the work immediately, with delivery times as short as one hour. In return, you will get paid in full within an hour of submitting your work. 

Freelancing Made Easy With KIWI

Sound too good to be true? Thanks to Imran, KIWI is more than a fantasy. As KIWI is only just starting out, they are mainly looking for experts in web development, graphic design, and video editing. In time, experts from every industry will be able to list their skills and find work on KIWI. Grab an exclusive lifetime deal from Saastronautics for a chance to get in on the ground floor with KIWI. 

KIWI will never charge any commission. You keep 100% of the fruits of your labor.

For more details and questions about KIWI, Imran will address them himself at [email protected] As always, the Saastronautics team is on hand to help you get started on your KIWI journey. 

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