Sajad Kioumarsi–brings order to all your SaaS chaos!

Success is not delivering a feature, success is learning how to solve the customer‘s problem.– Sajad Kioumarsi

Subscription management helps businesses power up the sales and billing of services and products on a recurring basis.

We have been there–recurring headaches caused by spreadsheet issues, managing a lot of tools at the same time. Yes, it is really chaotic!

But because of Sajad Kioumarsi, the founder of TOOLUP, managing subscriptions, and tools usage is now easy!

TOOLUP is a robust subscription management software. It lets you manage all your SaaS subscriptions plus user provisioning at the same time!

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Subscription management tools continue to make noise in the digital industry. Hence, it is a great opportunity for businesses to build better consumer relationships. Fortunately, TOOLUP won’t let you missed that chance of achieving that.

Sajad Kioumarsi – The Mand Behind TOOLUP

Sajad Kioumarsi worked as a Software Engineer for over 10 years. He was a Co-founder of ML Startup in Paris and the Founder of TalentBridge and Agileful in Berlin. These experiences made him have certain abilities to build innovative and cutting-edge business solutions. Thus, he had come up with an impressive and powerful SaaS subscription management tool – TOOLUP.

TOOLUP’s idea was inspired by the hassle Sajad experienced with his team while working as a Software Engineer. The team was struggling with which tools and how to get access to the system. He was also a founder of two (2) companies and that caused him a lot of headaches when it comes to managing tools usage and subscriptions. Thus giving him the idea of creating a more flexible method–TOOLUP.

But what really pushed him to create this platform was, he knows the frustration of still paying the SaaS subscription of members who’s not a part of the team anymore.

All these conflicts of manually managing a system are something that he wouldn’t want others to experience. Hence, he created TOOLUP!

Thanks, Sajad!

Sajad Kioumarsi In His Own Words

Q: Explain your SaaS in a few sentences.


TOOLUP makes it possible to onboard hundreds of members for many tools in minutes and without any hassle. And you will never face a situation where many employees have left the company but still you are paying their subscriptions for some of the tools you forgot to delete.

Members Dashboard

As an organization member, you can see all the tools you can access and use daily in your dashboard like an organized desktop. Something most probably you were always missing it. You can save your passwords for each tool and add your own tools. You can also click on each tool and automatically get to the tool’s page and get logged in if you are not.

Finance & Invoices

When you are using so many tools in your organization, it is always challenging for the finance department to collect all these invoices monthly to prepare tax reports. With TOOLUP, you will be able to have all these invoices collected automatically. TOOLUP observe how members are using tools and alert you with the tools which are unused and rarely used. Maybe, some tools are using by a team but not another team. So, TOOLUP helps you manage your finance by advising to remove these tools and removing members who have left the company.

Q: What is your software's USP?

Answer: Still many companies handle on/offboarding with excel files or even without an excel file. I know even big companies with over 100 people doing the same. What we do compare to competitors is providing a freemium just automized this manual/excel on/offboarding. So companies can earlier and easier adopt our system.

Q: What are the long-term goals for your SaaS?

Answer: Approaching big enterprises with enterprise solutions.

TOOLUP and You

TOOLUP, Sajad Kioumarsi's dynamic subscription management tool!

We know that managing a lot of SaaS platforms at one time can be stressful! And while it takes a lot of time and effort, subscription management is vital for the company's success.

TOOLUP gives you a one-stop solution allowing you to reap the rewards of subscription management without hassle! With TOOLUP, you can check all the tools you can access and use daily in your Member Dashboard like an organized desktop and secure access to all your apps with only one click.

It will really bring order to all your subscriptions and user provisioning chaos! What’s good is that it can assure you that you will no longer lose access to your tools!

If you have any queries, you may reach out to Sajad at [email protected]

Saastronautics, as always, is on hand should you need any clarifications. You can also reach out to our support team at [email protected]

You may check more about Sajad Kioumarsi’s awesome platform and get its pro-features for life here.

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