The Benefits and Challenges of B2B Content Marketing

Marketing has never been easy! Most of the time, marketers’ strategies are being criticized– and B2B content marketing is not an exception. In this article, let us talk about how challenging yet beneficial B2B content marketing is.
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Marketing has never been easy! Most of the time, marketers’ strategies are being criticized– and B2B content marketing is not an exception. Well, people think marketers are too pushy. Hence, turning them down even though they need the service or the product. Besides, people are not happy about marketers’ techniques of tracking users’ activity and gathering data. The content style, the choice of word, and the tone–yes, they also receive judgment.

Consequently, content marketing is not for the faint-hearted. But if you really want to send your brand to hyperspace, then make it a top priority. And if you are still in between two minds, we’ll show you how challenging, yet beneficial B2B content marketing is.

What is B2B Content Marketing?

B2B content marketing is all about content. It mainly focuses on how content can be used to increase your reach and boost your business’s growth. And as its name suggests, this type of marketing is used exclusively by businesses, for businesses.

When the Covid19 pandemic started, people started to be dependent online. Whether it’s something they need to buy or they just want information, they tend to look for it in the digital landscape. Though a lot of information can be seen online, misinformation, fake news, false ideas, are also common. As a result, businesses are now being trusted more than any other institution, when it comes to getting information.

Based on Edelman’s 2021 Trust Barometer, the business sector has progressed above government, NGOs, and media in its Trust Index. It means that when people want information, they trust it more when it comes from the business sector. Hence, even though it’s a little challenging, marketers aim to power up their B2B content marketing strategies.

Edelman's 2021 trust Barometer For Content Marketing
Source: Edelman’s 2021 Trust Barometer

B2B Content Marketing Challenges

B2B content marketing offers great opportunities to businesses. Unfortunately, it is common to face marketing challenges, especially if you are new in the industry. Moreover, if you are unprepared for the battle in the content marketing industry, you might lose tons of resources–including money.

Most companies nowadays fail in this type of marketing because they don’t know how to create engaging content that can win their target audience. But’s that’s not all!

Let us deal with the common challenges B2B content marketers face nowadays.

Continuously Increasing Competition

As people moved online for their needs, businesses saw the potential and dominated the digital landscape too. Even businesses saw the potential of earning more and surviving the businesses in the online world. And with millions of companies leveraging content to market their brand and generate leads, the competition is now relatively high. Thus it becomes very difficult to create new, innovative content, every single time.

Well, even thinking of a topic that you should write about, is a bit challenging. There are chances that whatever you are blogging about has already been written by someone else. Thus making it increasingly difficult to grab your audience’s attention.

That is the reason why it is important to optimize your B2B content marketing. Knowing when to make a move using your content, and knowing what content to offer, are vital to stand out among the crowd. It is the survival of the fittest. Only the best companies who offer high-quality content to grab their audience’s attention will definitely survive.

Scarcity of Resources

If you are new in the industry and you are thinking that producing high-quality content is easy, you might be wrong. Though Producing high-quality and that is relevant to your customers’ needs is another challenge.

To succeed, you must consistently produce quality content–and that requires a lot of time and skill. Lack of time and budget is one of the major barriers that companies are facing in content marketing. Though companies tend to hire in-house writers, it often gets in their way of managing their business. Hence, companies are trying to outsource content from freelancers and agencies. However, looking for reliable writers that offer quality content, is an even challenging task.

Being Consistent

Aside from hiring reliable content writers, maintaining the quality of the content is also a challenge. This challenge is more common when you are going to outsource your content. Whether you are outsourcing to an agency or getting content from freelancers, keeping quality consistently high is difficult.

Though outsourcing gives you more articles to leverage, hiring in-house content writers will help you control the quality of your content. Outsourcing B2B content marketing content can be good though if you have an outstanding content editor. But if not, and you do not want your website to feature terrible articles infested with mistakes and typos, hire a good writer!

The Benefits Of B2B Content Marketing

As mentioned earlier, B2B content marketing provides great opportunities to businesses. So let us stop talking about challenges and focus more on the brighter side. Content marketing is beneficial. Hence, 84% of people are online and trust online reviews as much as their friends (source: However, many marketers fail to understand the benefits of content marketing for B2B.

Check the benefits of B2B content marketing that we listed down for you! B2B content marketing can:

Target the right audience for your brand

B2B content marketing revolves around the brand and its core objectives. So if your content is going to attract an audience to your brand, it will surely attract those who are already interested in what you offer. So what you have to do is continuously feed them information, making sure to convert them into paying, loyal customers.

Boost your conversion rate

You read it right! Leveraging your B2B content marketing can gradually increase your conversions. As mentioned, it can attract the right audience to your brand, yet, the game doesn’t end there. You have to make sure that you will properly help them want your brand, by simply showing how your brand can help them grow. If you succeed in this, it will definitely give a boost in your conversion, hence, an increase in revenue.

Send your Social Media following to hyperspace

Great content will surely attract your potential clients to follow you on social media. So you have to be consistent in the content you offer. You also have to remember that customers and leads hate hard-selling. So if you want to win them, help them and provide value.

You can leverage your social media channels and reach your customers where they’re at through B2B content marketing. Aside from being able to share your content on different social media channels, repurposing your content can be a great strategy too.

To Sum Up

While it may not always be easy to overcome some of the B2B content marketing challenges, the effort is more than worth it for any brand or organization wanting to be the best content leader. So make sure that you are prepared, equipped, and ready to get your content on the front line!

Do you want more tips on how to power up your B2B content marketing? Check this out– 20 Content Marketing Tips Every Marketer Needs To Know.

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