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Instagram marketing
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There’s a saying, “If your business is not on the internet, you’re out of business.”. In businesses today, the internet is used to widen a brand’s reach, secure future customers, and strengthen the relationship with existing customers. While the internet can seem daunting, it is your ally if you know how to use it to your advantage. In this article, we will give you insights into how you can leverage the internet more through Instagram Marketing.

The Power Of Instagram

Instagram reached a million accounts created in just 4 months from its 2010 launch. In the past decade, Instagram has become a staple social media of choice for internet users, was acquired by Facebook, and houses branding channels from every major brand in the world.

Marketing on Instagram is, quite simply, a necessity for any business looking to be taken seriously by new-generation customers.

7 key Instagram stats:

1. Instagram is the 6th-most visited website in the world, on top of Baido, Xvideos, and even Pornhub. (Source: Visual Capitalist)

2. Instagram has the 4th-most users of any mobile app. People love to engage with photos and video clips. (Source: Hootsuite)

3. 1 Billion+ users worldwide log in to Instagram at least once per month. (Source: Business of Apps)

4. 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business.

5. 84% of Instagram users hope to discover new products or services. (Source: Hootsuite)

6. 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily. (Source: Omnicore)

Why Instagram Marketing?

So we know that Instagram is popular. But how do we use that to our advantage? Using Instagram’s business features, your brand can be open 24/7. Instagram users from around the world can find your products or services and buy them on the spot, within the app.

This makes Instagram a wildly popular marketplace. It is important, therefore, to have a great Instagram marketing strategy that makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

Ways to grow your business using Instagram Marketing

instagram marketing
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Setting up Instagram or IG for business purposes is so easy but the real question is “how you can grow your business using Instagram” and the best person to have an insight is the person who did it very well on this platform.

Quality over quantity

The quality of your followers is going to move the needle in your business, not the quantity. You can have a ton of followers but that does not mean that they are necessarily going to convert. It is critical to get clear on who your ideal client is. Those are the people that are going to take your calls to action. Those are the people that are going to buy your product, book that service, or share your message.” Natalie Elis, co-founder and CEO of BossBabe

Quality customers mean quality results. Though it is really enticing to see your posts on Instagram with a thousand followers hitting that heart, if it doesn’t convert to sales – likes mean nothing. Remember, it is better to market dog food to 10 fur parents with a dog, rather than 100 fur parents with a cat.

Know your target

You may also want to see how your competitors are doing and how they deal with your customers. From here, engage with your customers and put a different perspective, so you can stand out.

So if you are trying to market to 10 people, let’s say cat owners, try to check what is their interest for the good of their cats and give some recommendations. It can be like what is the best pet salon in their town or a great Veterinarian in the area. It will show that you really care for them and want to help them out. That’s it! No hard-selling.

Commit to doing it!

Consistency requires discipline. Make sure you consistently push out Instagram content to keep those followers interested and maximize your brand’s exposure on the platform. Though sometimes it is not going to turn out well, it is important to be ready and have backup plans.

Moreover, when you enter Instagram marketing, with the goal of boosting your business growth– your commitment must be there. Keep in mind that all successful entrepreneurs faced a lot of challenges too. But what do you think is the reason why they’re now on top?

Evaluate your goals

Well, posting on Instagram is relatively easy. But if you want to achieve great results, knowing your goals is important. So the best thing to do is ask yourself why you are investing on Instagram. It’s an easy question, yes, but your answers will greatly affect your content strategy. Hence, having a clear goal in mind is vital.

When you already know what you want to achieve for your brand, the actions you will need to achieve them will come out easily. One of these useful actions to boost your business growth on Instagram is showing off your product by posting satisfied customers. People love to see results and pieces of evidence!

Use strong CTA

Adding CTA whenever you post is a great strategy too! It will let your followers know where to go when they are decided to buy your product. Unfortunately, this is one of the most important things entrepreneurs always forget.

Whether you are selling physical goods or not, posting photos of what you selling is a vital strategy. But there’s an effective place you can use to drive your followers where to go– the comments section! This is where to tell people what to do and where to go.

Use Hashtags!

Hashtags were not made for nothing! It is actually a great tool that can let your brand reach a wider audience. So in Instagram marketing, think of it as a powerful search tool that lets your users find the topic they are interested in. Here’s how you can use hashtags effectively:

1. Use hashtags as often as possible! This means, attaching hashtags to the images whenever you post something on Instagram.

2. Use hashtags that your target audience is actually searching and following. However, it is important to take note that avoiding gimmicky hashtags like follow4follow, which is viewed over a million times, is crucial. These types of hashtags can drive a wider audience to your posts but that does ensure quality leads.

3. Lastly, you should try to analyze which hashtags are effective from your previous posts. Well, this is important as it will give you insights on what hashtags to use on your previous posts.

To Sum Up

Instagram is a wildly popular app and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down. Getting your business on Instagram, with an effective Instagram Marketing strategy, is crucial for success in the digital world.

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