10 Low-Cost Marketing Tips for Negotiating the Pandemic.

Along with every aspect of our lives, digital marketing has had to adapt to the global pandemic. As people everywhere adjust to their new normal, new norms are emerging in marketing as well. Here’s a list of the top 10 tips for marketing in the new normal.

Marketing, like most of the world, has to adapt to the global pandemic. As people everywhere adjust to the ‘new normal’, marketers have had to adjust their approach to selling. And when your budget is tight, low-cost marketing tips are valuable to meet your sales and goals even during difficult times.

This is a list of our top 10 low-cost marketing tips for negotiating the pandemic.

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1. Analyze Previous Campaign Performance

Due to the COVID-19 situation, most businesses are not in a position to spend lavish sums of money on marketing campaigns. One of the most efficient low-cost marketing tips is to analyze marketing schemes that aren't expensive but are effective. Before investing in any marketing plan, you should analyze any of your previous marketing strategies that have been successful. You can research for various data points like:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Mailchimp
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Bing Ads and Google Ads reports

This will help you understand which marketing scheme has worked better with your customers, so you can focus on the most effective strategies during COVID-19.

2. Email Marketing

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Email marketing is considered one of the most effective ideas during the coronavirus pandemic situation because you can speak directly with your customers at a low cost. Your objective is to decrease the budget allotted for marketing during the pandemic situation, so you should concentrate on those marketing campaigns to help you reach qualified customers. Some tricks to use marketing through email during the coronavirus crisis:

  • Make use of empathy inside all your emails. This helps in positioning your business as a very trusted partner.
  • Segment the list of emails based on past engagements, services, and products.
  • After segmenting the email list, you must create some unique content and provide special offers.

3. PPC Marketing

The coronavirus pandemic situation has compelled everyone to stay in their home, so you can use PPC marketing to reach the audiences with less expense. PPC marketing is effective because any business can reach customers through online ads directly. Some tricks to use PPC marketing are as follows:

  • Turn over those campaigns that are low-performing. You must invest in only those campaigns that will increase sales, calls, and leads. Never run one campaign alone, run at least two so you can choose the strategy with a better ROI.
  • Audit the PPC campaigns and make sure that you apply different optimizations and geographic targeting to check the ads' total reach.

4. SEO Marketing

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SEO marketing is considered a great and powerful method of positioning your business in an advantageous position in the market; SEO can build your business's online presence and increase organic traffic. Unlike other search engines, you do not have to make any payment to Google. SEO marketing operates together with content marketing because it allows you to create content around any keyword that the customers use while searching for services and products. SEO marketing is for a long-term benefit; do not expect an immediate benefit from SEO marketing.

5. Re-marketing on Google and Facebook

Re-marketing campaigns are the best if you want to cut down the marketing budget during the coronavirus pandemic. It is considered the best during the pandemic situation as it shows off your content on Facebook and Google at a very low cost. Some tricks for building a good remarketing campaign are as follows:

  • Use engaging ad copies and images. Spending more on special images is not required. Simple ad copies and images of your product and services are very important on the re-marketing banner.
  • Segment the audience list. Display selective ads to the customers based on the specific pages visited on the official website.
  • Limit the frequency of ad displays for each customer because too many ad pop-ups can disturb or irritate the customer.

6. Local SEO

The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to stay in their homes, so the businessmen can use local SEO to properly do business without any problems. Tips for using local SEO are as follows:

  • Use proper optimization of Google Business listings.
  • Include your phone number, address, and name on every page of your official website.
  • Create different local contents which are relevant to all the people in your local area.

7. Plan Webinars

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Due to the coronavirus, people have to stay in their homes, maintain social distancing, and avoid gathering outside. Because of this, you cannot organize a live promotional event for your business. Alternatively, webinars with proper PowerPoint presentations can help you promote your business by staying inside your home. Some strategies for conducting webinars and promoting your business are as follows:

  • Send proper invites to your current and past customers through your email.
  • Create a personal and positive connection with the attendees.
  • Develop every webinar session, keep in mind your customers' needs, and keep the sessions between 40 to 50 minutes long.

8. Use Testimonials and Reviews in Everything

Another significant low-cost marketing tips are the use of reviews and testimonials. Reviews and testimonials are very important for gaining the upper hand in the Covid-19 pandemic-induced market. The coronavirus has caused many financial difficulties worldwide, and people are now very cautious before investing their money. There are a few ways that will allow you to boost marketing with reviews and testimonials.

  • Gather all the reviews from both your current and past customers.
  • Use the finest testimonial and reviews.
  • Place these reviews and testimonials on your social media and website. This will help in increasing the customers' confidence in your services and products.

9. Creating YouTube Videos

YouTube is the most popular place for posting videos, and people all around the world are very familiar with how YouTube works. Creating a page, posting content, and videos are absolutely free on YouTube, making it one of the perfect places you can advertise your services and products and get a great amount of reach to the audiences. You can make videos on your services and products' usefulness and talk about various offers you are willing to make. Your video should be unique to attract more viewers.

10. Using Social Media to Associate with the Customers

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In this coronavirus situation, all the customers are at home, and social media is the best medium to connect with them. That’s why it has become one of the most notable low-cost marketing tips at the present. The social media platforms are free; therefore, you do not need to be bothered about any investment. Social media has a huge reach; people of all types and ages are here on social media so that you can connect with all of them. As we talk about your customers, you can contact them regularly and look after their needs.

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