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“The most effective way to do it is to do it.”

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Fellow Saastronauts, let us all get inspired as we get to know Saastronaut Aman Jha–the founder of

Like many others in this community, Aman is a hard-working but always-cool business owner. He is very hands-on with his business but he always makes sure that he has time for his family and friends.

Getting to know the founder of

Most of the products fail because they don't manage to get the basics right.

Founders think that they are the only ones working on a unique business idea and will usually take too long to execute their plans. As a result, they lose control because most of the time it’s either a competitor enters into the market or the requirements already changed.

That’s when Aman thought of starting a service to speed up the development process and the time to execute a product.

In 2017, Aman started Fortunekit Labs–an IT company that provides application development and web design development.

However, Aman’s startup journey has not been easy. While assembling a team in 2016, he had face a lot of struggles like all entrepreneurs do. He even mentioned that there was a time that he fired 80% of his team because of issues in internal culture.

Yet, failures did not make him stop. He rebuilt the team until everything is running smoothly.

“It took me approximately 2 years to create a culture. Currently, I have helped many companies here in India to set up a transparent culture.” –Aman Jha

After all his experiments on his first business, he launched in December 2020.

Aman’s agency–, is a Minimum Viable Product development agency that focuses on technological knowledge to assist startups in building viable innovative products. They have also partnered with accelerators, incubators, and ventures as another way to nurture businesses and help them in raising funds. helps their clients build a minimal product that real-end users can utilize–using various smart methods like no-code tools and ready-code blocks.

This helps the clients to have their products be in the market quickly without spending too much time and money. And once the clients validate the concept and received some feedback, they can easily get funds and pitch it to investors.

Understanding that speed is the key to success, was designed to a platform that helps speed up a product launch by 10x with their ready-to-use developed modules, no-code tools, and 7+ years of product development experience.

Aman As An Agency Owner

Aman believes that challenges are a very important aspect of being an entrepreneur.

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“Entrepreneurship is like a roller coaster with challenges, every day you need to tackle a different challenge and that's the beauty of entrepreneurship.”

When he first decided to be an entrepreneur way back in 2013, the biggest challenge that he faced was getting funds to run the business. To overcome this, he started training his friends and juniors about new technologies without charging anything. He also started a service-based company wherein his students used to work for him at less cost.

With his extreme hunger for success, he partnered with his professor and raised investment by leveraging on his professor’s connections. He convinced and hired most of his computer science batchmates, and started an IoT company.

Nowadays, business for him is pretty straightforward. He mentioned that to start a business, someone just needs to have the right recipes and look for people who are waiting to taste the dish.

And with his hard work, dedication, and the right business mindset, he was able to overcome a lot of challenges and is continuously achieving his goals.

Aman In His Own Words

Q: How do you generate new ideas?
A: Listen to the problems of Customers/entrepreneurs and work on that to find a solution. Apart from that I read blogs and go to networking events.

Q: How did being an entrepreneur affect your personal life?
A: Very few actual friends. Most of my friends are my clients, employees, and partners. I am also trying to spend time with my family and friends, but even on weekends like today. (Sunday) I am writing these answers.

Q: What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage it?
A: My greatest fear in the context of business is not being able to pay my team on time because of a lack of funds. With that, I keep my cash flows under my observation.

Q: As a business owner, what are your top three priorities?
A: a) Take care of my Team
b) Grow my business
c) Discover Strategies to speedup a product launch

Q: What has been your most satisfying moment in business?
A: I helped my first client to raise $ 5M USD

Our Saastronaut Of The Month As An Inspiration To Others

Though business-minded, Aman is always motivated by the idea of helping other founders fulfill their dreams.

His vision is to create an ecosystem for founders where they will feel free to experiment and

innovate amazing solutions without experiencing bankruptcy.

He started helping people working in the corporate world or busy with their primary jobs to start their own business. These people are afraid to experiment so what Aman always does is to ask them to continue with their jobs until the product is tested and gets a few customers. Meanwhile, his team helps them with the product and initial launch.

Aman’s goal is to help as much as he can and motivate people to start their own businesses at a certain stage of life.

Our Saastronaut of the Month believes that there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur. And that pattern is achieved by always putting customers first. He believes that a business can be successful as long as customers are there, so having a customer-first approach is a must.

And when asked what his advice would be for everyone who would like to start their own business but is being drowned by doubts and fear, this is what Aman got to say:

“Don’t wait. Start talking with your potential customers and just get started.”
– Aman Jha, Saastronaut of the Month – February 2021.

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