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Technology plays an important role in life today. While we all know how the latest smartphones, smartwatches or tablets can be added to our personal lives, it’s not always easy to find out how technology can improve our business. 

In our world that’s constantly becoming more and more tech-driven, Saastronautics is here to make sure businesses everywhere are kept up to date with the latest software and the best deals – that can send their workflow into hyperspace. 

Welcome to Saastronautics

Saastronautics is a place for entrepreneurs and SaaS developers to come together. By joining our blossoming community, developers will ensure their latest creations land in the hands of real users waiting to try new tools. Entrepreneurs will be given insights to which tools can help scale their businesses in the most effective way possible. Every SaaS tool has a perfect use-case. And every business needs the perfect SaaS tool. 

Saastronautics is here to bring the right SaaS to the right business and vice versa. We provide a launchpad for SaaS startups and developers to promote their tech solutions to early adopters. Our mission is to not only help SaaS startups establish their brand presence and generate MRR but also to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by providing powerful tools at unbeatable prices.

Saastronautics’ SaaS platform helps developers find a larger client base through our powerful distribution network. Simultaneously, we help entrepreneurs find the best SaaS tools for their business, through our close ties to the SaaS community. 

What can Saastronautics do for you?

Think of all the software that big businesses rely on every day. Saastronautics is here to offer the right SaaS tools that let you fight with the big boys – without requiring you to have a big-business budget.  

Saastronautics is not interested in a quick buck. The goal is to deliver meaningful value and excellent service, in order to develop long-term relationships with users that will keep coming back and using the products. 

Saastronautics for our Partners

Saastronautics is changing the way SaaS companies market and promote their tools. By partnering with us, SaaS companies can expect their tools to quickly reach a group of hardcore SaaS enthusiasts. 

Saastronautics strives to ensure your product reaches the widest audience possible. Businesses are willing to spend a lot of money on products that can add value. Your tool represents an investment for them, and Saastronatuics is a catalyst for the investment process. We run our own customer service to act as a concierge, easing our users’ through the process of adding your tool to their workflow. 

Saastronautics believes in lifetime deals. This means that when someone orders your product through our platform, they do so for a one-off fee gives them permanent access. This might seem like too huge a discount, but we work with our partners to ensure all sides get a deal that works. In exchange for offering exclusive lifetime deals with us, your tool will quickly gain a list of loyal users and a solid cash injection. 

Saastronatuics only offers the highest quality products to our Saastronauts. Our high standards allow our users to trust us. When you partner with us, Saastronauts immediately know your tool is going to provide real ROI to their business. 

We aren’t just here to help customers, we help our partners too. After a lifetime deal campaign is completed, Saastronautics will provide services to help you pivot to generating MRR. We run social media marketing campaigns for all our partners, and provide social media content for our partners to use at their own discretion. 

Saastronautics for our Users

Saastronautics is dedicated to bringing you exclusive deals on the hottest new SaaS tools to help you grow your business. Our exclusive lifetime deals and discounts mean you can integrate the latest tools to your workflow without breaking the bank. 

Saastronautics puts new SaaS tools through a rigorous vetting process. Once a tool passes the test, we secure exclusive deals that you won’t find anywhere else. With Saastronautics you will only find the highest quality tools at unbeatable prices. As much as possible, we try to use our partner tools in our day-to-day operations. If a tool isn’t good enough for us to use, it’s not good enough for us to offer to our users. 

Saastronautics is the proud home to a growing community of digital entrepreneurs from all over the world. Our Saastronauts are always willing to share their knowledge and help you grow your business. Our SaaS partners are members of the community as well, which means our Saastronauts can discuss SaaS tools with the people who made them. 

Our users receive unrivaled support because Saastronautics invests time, resources, and passion into the success of not only the SaaS company but also its community members. Saastronautics is genuinely devoted to growing with you. 

The people behind Saastronatautics

Our team is composed of agency owners with a passion for growing businesses. Combined, our team has decades of experience, which we channel toward finding the best SaaS tools and putting them in the hands of as many entrepreneurs as possible.  

Saastronautics was founded by Joon K Lee, Parker Casio, and Frank Valensco. Joon is the founder and CEO of Inquivix, Korea’s leading digital marketing agency. Parker is the founder and CEO of DRBRAND, a digital marketing and creative conversion agency. Frank is the founder and CEO of Sekawan Solution, a creative IT solution company for B2B enterprises in Jakarta, Indonesia. The trio found themselves incorporating more and more SaaS tools to their companies, grinding out precious efficiency and elevated workflows. They realized SaaS tools can be huge game-changers for entrepreneurs who don’t yet have access to massive teams or huge budgets. 

Saastronautics was created to provide excellent products and excellent service. We are transparent, value-driven and conscientious. Our users can expect earnest and helpful customer service at any step in their SaaS journey Our team works closely with the developers of every SaaS tool we list, to ensure our team’s experience in marketing or branding does not go to waste. Our partners’ success is our success, so once you’re a part of the Saastronautics team, we are a part of yours.

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