The Best Marketing Agencies In Southeast Asia

Nowadays, businesses consider marketing agencies as an important part to determine the success of their strategy. So if you are a first-timer and considering hiring one, let’s find out how it will benefit your business and check out the best options of marketing agencies in Southeast Asia.

Marketing agencies are proven to be a feasible way of growing a business. Rather than hiring in-house marketing, you’ll be saving a lot of money in marketing agencies. Moreover, you can enjoy the perks of having experts around working in your business.

Technically, there’s no limit to what marketing agencies can do with your business. It may sound too good to be true, but that is how it actually works. Even so, research in selecting the right agency is still required. Because marketing agencies offer different types of services.

What are Marketing Agencies?

Creative team working together in marketing agency.
Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies carry a huge responsibility in the development of their clients. Through executing and managing marketing campaigns, they seem to bring a company its brand value. Additionally, it maximizes the return from its marketing campaigns.

What Does Marketing Agencies Do?

Marketing agencies are responsible for implementing a successful strategy for their clients. Hence, they are hired by businesses of any size to identify valuable marketing strategies and implement marketing solutions.

With these responsibilities, marketing agencies are expected to perform case studies to identify which is not working in the current business plan. So they invest a lot of effort in studying valuable marketing strategies.

Once they have a clear picture of their client's brand, they will first present an overall marketing plan. Secondly, they will implement marketing solutions. By then, they will manage the marketing campaigns. Finally, they will evaluate the marketing results and analyze its success.

Different Types of Marketing Agencies

There are different types of marketing agencies. Something that you have to consider is identifying which best suits your needs. So, let’s have an overview of the different types of marketing agencies:

1. Advertising Marketing Agencies

This agency is consists of people specialized in creating an effective advertising plan. They’re the ones responsible for implementing a successful marketing campaign through online and offline advertisements.

2. Digital Marketing Agencies

This agency helps clients by presenting a way of making use of the web effectively. They improve the search engine optimization of a company’s website. They are also responsible for maximizing a website’s visitors and engage its consumers.

3. Telemarketing Agencies

Telemarketing offers telephone-based marketing services. They are focused on providing customer satisfaction. They are responsible for making customers buy a product, service as well as answering their queries.

4. Graphics and Design

This agency is composed of graphic designers. They focus on helping a business develop and host websites. Visualization is proved to be an effective way of providing a long-lasting memory for the customers. Thus, this is an essential part of any marketing strategy.

5. Marketing Consultancy

This agency provides expert suggestions. However, it is not directly involved with the whole process of implementation. They are only the brain behind successful campaigns. However, they are not taking part in any actions.

The Benefits of Hiring Marketing Agencies

Nowadays, businesses consider marketing agencies as an important part to determine the success of their strategy. So if you are a first-timer and considering hiring one, let’s find out how it will benefit your business.

1. It Gives You Access to Professional Services

Trial and error is an expensive option in finding the right marketing strategy. Thus, hiring people who are experts in the marketing field is worth it. No ifs, no buts. Specifically, these professionals will do all the works for you based on their extensive experiences in the field.

2. Manage Your Budget More Effectively

While marketing agencies offer you a concise marketing plan, they also make sure that the services offered are within your budget. Additionally, they will offer you a strategy where you can track your spending across the platforms.

Hiring an agency is both time and money-saving. The only thing you have to do is present them with your budget and expectations. Then they will handle the rest. You get a lot more than just consulting experts at a one-time fee.

3. Keeps You Posted On the Developing Trends in Marketing

You’ll be saving your existing staff a lot of research and reading. Thus, maintaining their work productivity. Marketing agencies are specialized in extensive research. So, they are aware of the changes in trends in the market. That is why without charging you additional fees, they already got you covered with that kind of update.

The Best Marketing Agencies in Southeast Asia

To keep up with the speed of changes in this industry, businesses must be willing to adopt. But with the help of reliable marketing agencies, your marketing campaigns will be handled.

According to research, Southeast Asia is one of the fastest-growing marketers in the world. In fact, by 2026, marketing agencies are predicted to grow in Southeast Asia by 13.93%. In this case, we have tailored the Best Marketing Agencies in Southeast Asia. These should help you find an agency that best suits your business’ needs (Intrado)


one of the best marketing agencies in southeast asia

This digital marketing agency provides a proven and complete digital marketing funnel process that helps businesses grow and stand out among their competitors. Though based in Indonesia, this DRBRAND AGENCY already worked with international companies that trusted their services. They aim to help businesses have increased in revenue for a short period of time. What’s great with this agency is that they do not discriminate against clients. So, whether a client is a start-up or a multinational business, they work professionally and guarantee the increase in the client’s sales within just 90 days!

2. Smaato

one of the best marketing agencies in southeast asia

By combining human expertise and sophisticated automated systems, Smaato was able to innovate safe and secure platforms. Smaato is a group of people who mostly specialize in programmatic advertising. Specifically, their mission is to solve complexity with simplicity.

3. Fleishman Hillard

one of the best marketing agencies in southeast asia

Fleishman Hillard is one of the global PR marketing agencies in the market. Its main objectives are to help marketing brands develop strategic communication. This marketing agency is a part of Omnicom Public Relations Group. It currently has 79 offices in more than 30 countries, plus affiliates in 45 countries.

4. Inquivix

one of the best marketing agencies in southeast asia

Being a full-service digital marketing agency, Inquivix offers proven digital marketing strategies such as Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing Services, and more! They work with their clients hand-in-hand while being grounded with honesty, transparency, and integrity. Inquivix’s main goal is to help their clients enter the Asian market and prevent them to fall for ineffective digital marketing strategies in Asia’s digital marketing landscape. Though, based in Delaware, USA, they have offices in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore.

5. Egogo Hub

Egogo Hub offers digital marketing, optimization conversion, warehouse, and fulfillment services. They also provide end-to-end e-commerce solutions for brands to reach a wider audience and increased revenue. They aim to provide performance-based marketing and innovative technology to help their clients.

6. Grey Group

Grey Group is a global advertising and marketing agency in Southeast Asia that ranks as one of the top in the industry. They have 432 offices serving 96 countries and operating in 154 cities. Generally, they are experts in advertising, digital experience, and PR.

7. Isobar 

Isobar is a Global Digital Experience Agency. They are active in 85 locations serving their expertise in 45 countries. Hence, they were able to accommodate digital marketing and advertising to many audiences. Their services include brand creativity and experience design to bridge the gap between their client’s brand promise and the experience it offers to customers.

8. Code and Theory

Code and Theory is a digital-first creative agency. This agency consists of over 700 digital experts. They have certified experts that are working with local teams to offer global platforms and effective marketing solutions for clients. They also managed to associate their agency with world-leading technology partners like Global Alliance Solution Partner for Adobe and more.

9. Fresh Consulting

Fresh Consulting specializes in designs, developers, and engineers that offer end-to-end services to its global clients. They offer services from strategy to execution and help your business grow. Fresh Consulting’s award-winning pioneers produce progressive apps, websites as well as systems that the consumers would enjoy.

10. iManila

Considered one of the best marketing agencies in the Philippines, Manila offers innovative digital solutions such as Digital Marketing, Web and Apps Development, and Hosting. They started in 1996, hence it is safe to say that their digital solutions are proven and effective. What they are doing is to integrate important elements of Internet technology and services into one interactive digital ecosystem. Thus, helping businesses to reach their target market using the right message at the right time.

To Sum Up

The part of marketing agencies in businesses becomes essential nowadays. A company will get the assurance of long-term success by trusting these experts with their business. These agencies will develop a company’s campaign and get one step ahead of competitors.

For most businesses, hiring a marketing agency will make their brand more flexible, time and money-saving. While it takes a serious study to select an agency that will satisfy your expectations, outsourcing is still better than in-house marketing on so many levels.

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