Digital Marketing Consultant: Top 10 consultants to hire in 2021

Hiring a reliable digital marketing consultant to manage all your marketing campaigns and satisfy your customers is really challenging. In this article, we’ll present you with some of the best digital marketing consultants to hire in 2021.

As a business owner, your marketing campaigns are ever-present stress. Sometimes, you will have more problems over time. You don’t know where to start or what to do.

Furthermore, if you want to compete in today’s competitive business landscape, efficient digital marketing strategies are needed. And to make sure that you have an efficient and perfect digital marketing strategy for your business, hire a marketing consultant!

What Are Digital Marketing Consultants?

Digital marketing consultants are the ones who help businesses generate more leads and increase conversions. They are also responsible for ensuring the right campaigns are launched at the right time –

to help you reach your marketing goals.

Most of the time, a consultant will move depending on your business’s needs. Thus, it is important to know what services you need before hiring one. However, some consultants will oversee all your marketing strategies from start to finish–again, it varies on what you need.

What Does Digital Marketing Consultants Do?

Marketing is really broad. It contains a lot of branches you have to deal with, before becoming successful.

But don’t worry! That’s where marketing consultants are most beneficial.

Specifically, they are the ones to manage your:

1. Marketing Strategy

Your consultant is the one responsible for your marketing strategy. It includes your goals, the actions to reach those goals, the analytics, and even the channels you will use.

In addition, your consultant will be the one to plan an approach based on your industry and target audience. Aside from planning, he is also the one to measure and keep track of all the movements in your campaign.

2. Branding

Branding is important for your business to grow. This is another crucial thing that your consultant will handle. Tasks tied up to branding include making sure that your brand identity is how you want your clients to be reached and ensuring that the logo, color, font and more, really represent your business the right way.

3. Content Planning

Content marketing is a vital part of every business’s marketing strategy. Thus, your consultant should create a content strategy that will increase your brand awareness and will let you reach a wider audience.

Creating a content calendar is a common strategy that most consultants use. It includes what content you are going to post, which channel to use, and the target audience.

4. SEO

SEO is a marketing method that lets you increase quality traffic to your website. Thus, one way to check if the digital marketing consultant you are going to hire is good is to check if he is an expert in SEO.

Your consultant must be updated on the current SEO trends and practices for your business to stand out among your competitors.

5. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Another great way to drive great traffic to your website and social media channels is by doing PPC advertising. PPC or pay-per-click advertising is one of the most effective online marketing tactics as it lets you gain higher visibility on search engines such as Google. So your consultant must be savvy about the different PPC ad programs and he should know how to leverage your ads ad maximize your ad spend in promotions in order to have great results.

6. Analytics and Evaluation

Lastly, your consultant must be good at measuring and reading your analytics to check if the strategies used were efficient. It will also help in creating better strategies to use in your future campaigns.

Moreover, this will help determine the types of content and the specific topics which bring in more traffic to your website, social media channels. Thus giving you insights into your target audience’s behavior and preferences.

Top Digital Marketing Consultants to Hire in 2021

So you already know how digital marketing consultants can help you achieve great marketing results.

Let us now check the leading digital marketing consultants to hire in 2021.

1. Josh Fechter–Top Digital Marketing Consultant

top digital marketing consultant in 2021
Forbes|Josh Fechter

I help scale the best technology companies with proven growth frameworks and product marketing. Want to work with me? – Josh Fechter

Josh is the founder of the writing platform Squibler and The Product Company, an agency that solely focuses on building profitable communities for product-focused companies.

He helps scale the best technology companies with proven growth frameworks and product marketing. Josh was hailed as the ‘Top Product Marketer of 2018,’ and he is known as the man who cracked LinkedIn’s algorithm. He also played a part in developing the first live streaming application for Facebook.

More than 60,000 growth marketers, product managers, and founders follow his work and case studies. There’s no doubt he is at the top.

2. John Doherty

top digital marketing consultants in 2021

I help marketing agencies get more clients (, people find great discount gear (, and marketplaces and very large websites get more traffic as an enterprise SEO consultant. – John Doherty

An entrepreneur and a digital marketing consultant with 11 years of SEO industry veteran experience. John worked with clients like The New York Times, Zillow, Creative Market, Zumper, and more. He also founded Credo, a digital marketing agency where he helps companies find and hire digital marketing firms.

John also coaches digital marketing agencies on hard lead generation, sales, and company operations issues. Furthermore, his mission is not only to grow companies through great online marketing but also to coach companies through times of transition so that they are set up for success in the future.

3. Lorenzo Gutierrez

top digital marketing consultants in 2021

Lorenzo Gutierrez

I help companies to grow their revenue with results-oriented digital marketing. – Lorenzo Gutierrez

Being a digital marketing consultant and strategist, he founded Lorenzo Gutierrez Digital Marketing–a marketing agency with offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. He has 10 years of solid experience in digital marketing, consulting, strategy, SEO, and digital advertising.

Additionally, he has been strategically designing digital marketing projects and executing SEO practices. Moreover, he has been giving conferences, workshops, and courses about different aspects of digital marketing and advertising since 2008.

4. Selena Vidya

top marketing consultants in 2021

Selena Vidya

I share simple perspective shifts to help you grow your business, creativity, wealth and self. My free email has a dose of realism and a touch of magic; Sign up for emails about growth, entrepreneurship, getting unstuck and navigating this weird thing called life. – Selena Vidya

Selena has been an entrepreneur and a digital strategy consultant for 10 years. She works with companies to help them improve their revenue by creating effective digital strategy & SEO practices. She also helps companies by giving and recommending tools and strategies that can help them improve their growth mindset.

5. Shane Barker

top marketing consultants in 2021

Shane Barker

I have helped businesses skyrocket their revenue with customized digital marketing consulting. – Shane Barker

Shane has over 25 years of experience in digital marketing as a consultant. With this, he was able to help a lot of companies to grow their revenue. He is also an expert in content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, and online PR. Consequently, his goal is to help companies drive more qualified leads and increased customer conversions.

In addition, he has worked with 150+ clients including businesses of all sizes. Some of the big brands he has worked with include BigCommerce, Sprout Social, Influencer Marketing Hub, and ClickMeeting.

6. John Reinesch

John Reinesch

My digital marketing services have helped many businesses grow their organic visibility, scale paid traffic, and ultimately drive business growth.
– John Reinesh

John is a digital marketing strategist with solid experience in developing SEO campaigns, google analytics, technical website auditing more.

His mission is to help businesses grow by improving their customer acquisition talent for improving organic SE rankings and PPC campaign performance. Hence, he has created a creative approach and he’s continuously doing thorough research and analysis.

7. Sam McRoberts

Sam Mcroberts

I enjoy studying, thinking about, and solving tricky things. It doesn’t matter if the thing is a little metal cube or a billion page website that’s losing traffic; to my mind, a puzzle is a puzzle.
Turns out, solving puzzles for companies is a pretty lucrative business.- Sam Mcroberts

As the founder of VUDU Marketing, Sam Mcroberts, try to solve marketing problems to help businesses increase their revenue. He has been working in web design and internet marketing since 1999. Additionally, he has managed marketing campaigns for over 350 companies ranging from small businesses to big enterprises. These companies include Microsoft, Amazon Music, Goodreads, and more!

8. Ashley Hart

Ashley Hart

I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure clients are fully satisfied with my work. – Ashley Hart

Having 25 years of experience as a digital marketing and brand consultant, Ashley is already an expert in guiding B2B and b2c companies to achieve marketing success. Moreover, she was able to create and execute digital marketing strategies for fast-paced growth companies including Fortune 500 companies in various industries.

And aside from managing her own marketing firm–Ashley hart Marketing, she is also the Senior Vice President of Oracle Cloud Platform.

9. Jasmine Sandler

Jasmine Sandler

I am a global keynote speaker and have been so for many years and I have delivered at least 300 presentations and workshops for executives and entrepreneurial audiences alike. Additionally, I have been a spokesperson for brand clients. I know to inspire, educate, humor, and engage audiences – no size too big or small! – Jasmine Sandler

Jasmine is a Keynote speaker for over 500 platforms in the digital marketing space. Her outstanding experience made Google, LinkedIn, and other big internet marketing organizations recognized her as a top digital marketing-though leader.

She has over 200 digital marketing client plans and programs delivered with over 15 years of experience being a founder of her own online marketing firm. Moreover, she is an expert in consulting and training on all aspects of digital marketing.

10. Jimmy Huh

Jimmy Huh

My strategies are fluid and up to date with both Google and Facebook algorithms due to being in some unique and really talented SEM masterminds. – Jimmy Huh

As a leading digital marketing consultant in Los Angeles, California, Jimmy offers an effective digital marketing strategy and a custom-tailored campaign focusing on improving both organic performance and conversions.

He has consequently helped tons of businesses improve their marketing strategies. Jimmy also makes sure that the strategies he’s creating are customer-designed plans for his clients’ businesses’ niches.

In addition, he works with small to medium-sized businesses, and all services he offers are designed to give his clients quantifiable results.

Hire The Right Digital Marketing Consultant

If you are going to hire a digital marketing consultant, it is important to be aware of the things you have to consider so you can be sure that they are going to deliver great results for your business.

Hiring the top digital marketing consultants listed above can be expensive. However, their profile, experiences, and qualifications can be your guide to hiring the right one.

Learn more about how you can hire the right digital marketing consultant here.

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