How To Put Together A Top-Tier SaaS Marketing Strategy

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SaaS marketing is not easy. Aside from marketing a product that is hard to sell, the target audience can also be very narrow. So if you are a SaaS marketer, coming up with a reliable and effective marketing strategy is vital.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some tips on how you can come up with a top-tier SaaS Marketing Strategy to make you stand among your competitors.

What makes SaaS marketing unique?

If you are a SaaS marketer or if you’re planning to enter the SaaS world, you need to fully understand the nuances of SaaS marketing.

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) marketing facilitates the sale of cloud-based SaaS platforms. While the generally accepted principles of marketing still apply, the SaaS market is made up of tech-savvy entrepreneurs who need to be reached in a unique way.

Due to the high competition in the SaaS space, the most important factor is use-case. Value-add to clients. Improving a company’s workflow is an almost priceless commodity. If you can convince clients that your tool improves workflow, your job is halfway done.

The elements of a Top-Tier SaaS marketing strategy

Free Trials

If you are really familiar with SaaS, you would know that giving free trials is a standard strategy of SaaS marketing. This is because even when you already know your SaaS and you understand how it can help your audience, they still won’t buy your tool.

That’s right! Oftentimes, people will not care about your ads and posts if they cannot see how your SaaS can help them. So the perfect way to let them know is to let them try it.

Here’s Bitrix24 offering a free plan.

Sample pricing plan in SaaS marketing

Even though it’s free, Bitrix24 has limitations on the free plan. It is important to note that free plans or free trials can sometimes be a burden. It is important to consider the back-end costs of maintaining free users and refine your plans to include these costs.

Email marketing

Email marketing offers the opportunity to communicate directly with your prospects. SaaS companies usually leverage their email marketing to boost conversions because it is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to tell a wide audience about the power of your SaaS tool.

Grammarly Emal Marketing Strategy

That’s Grammarly, trying to win their audience by sending a catchy email.

Content marketing

Another great way to win your customers is to nurture them using a perfect content marketing strategy. Customers usually do not buy products or services instantly. They want to check them first and test if they will really be beneficial to them. Hence, the importance of nurturing them with content.

You have to educate them by posting blogs, infographics, walkthrough videos, and even hosting webinars.

Content Strategy

If your customers fully trust your brand, they will not just decide to buy from you. They will recommend you too.

Learn some content marketing tips to boost your SaaS strategy.


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SEO strategy can be the key driver behind every SaaS companies’ success.

SEO increases the organic traffic for a SaaS website by obtaining top rankings on the SERPs for a list of relevant keywords. Well, SaaS companies usually turn to performance marketing such as PPC, social ads, and affiliate marketing to rapidly scale new customer acquisition. But they do not realize the costs in doing so are rapidly increasing and relying on paid acquisitions usually comes at a disadvantage.

Remember that if you are relying on paid acquisition and you turned it off, your traffic will stop. Therefore it is important to have a strong SaaS SEO strategy to drive consistent traffic and increase organic growth.


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Amplifying giveaways is another great element of a top-tier SaaS marketing strategy.

Social media giveaways are becoming very popular as it easily creates a buzz on social media community. Moreover, social media is a perfect avenue to reach leads as most prospects are active there.

However, there are a few tips that you should remember in order to launch an effective campaign:

1. Create a simple landing page.

Creating a simple landing page for your giveaway is effective as it can help you get your prospects' information. The landing page should explain what you’re giving away as well as how the participants can enter. Although, one thing to note is you should not include all the information on the landing page. If the participants won’t like it, they will say goodbye and exit.

2. Set up a branded hashtag for participants to use.

Setting up a branded hashtag will create more buzz for your giveaway. Since participants will share them on their social media, more people will be enticed to follow and check what’s going on.

3. Require them to follow your social channels.

Setting up actions that the participant needs to follow will give a boost to your numbers too. Requiring the participants to share the giveaway and follow your social media channels will make you attain a wider reach. Hence giving you a higher engagement and conversion rate.

There are lots of giveaway strategies you can use to boost your results. What’s important is to plan them strategically so you will surely win in the end.

What should be the top priorities of my SaaS marketing plan?

So we already talk about the elements of a top-tier SaaS marketing strategy. Let us now tackle what should be your priorities.

1. Acquisition

Let’s say you’ve built an awesome product and established your marketing strategy. How do you continue to find customers at a low cost and grow at a healthy rate?

Remember that customers are the blood of your business. Your business will be nothing without them. The lead acquisition doesn’t really need to cost a fortune. You just have to think wisely and come up with simple and relevant tactics. This may include:

  1. Increasing your brand awareness
  2. Focusing on content creation and distribution
  3. Referral incentives for subscribers
  4. Affiliate marketing

2. Retention and customer experience

Acquiring more leads is not the end of your strategy. You have to make sure that you also have plans on how you’ll convert and retain them. Putting importance on marketing to your current customers' can is really important and valuable.

Customer retention should absolutely be your priority especially when you consider the fact that it doesn’t actually cost you anything. It just requires your time, creativity, and care for your customers.

3. Branding

You may think of a lot of perfect strategies but never forget about your branding. Your branding is what makes your company popular and familiar to your audience. It's what makes them come back to you even when they see other brands.

Treat your business as a brand, not just a product or service provider–and you’ll see a difference in your results.

4. Employee engagement

For a SaaS company to really stand from the crowd, being a one-man won’t be effective. It is important to ask help from everyone from the team to help you with your strategy.

By simply sharing posts to their own social media channels, attending webinars, and commenting on your social media posts, can gain traction and help you attain higher engagement.

Active brainstorming around strategy with your team can also make you come up with something you’ve never think of. Your entire team can be incredibly helpful to shed light on new techniques that could be implemented to boost your results.

Fine-tune your SaaS marketing strategy

Creating a successful SaaS marketing strategy can be overwhelming, especially in the highly competitive SaaS marketplace. Since the competition is continuously increasing, the online world is being more crowded and fast-paced. Again, SaaS marketing is not for the faint-hearted.

The marketing strategies we have dealt with earlier should all play a core part in your marketing plan. just be consistent, be confident and be like a sponge to continuously adapt in a marketing world that is continuously changing.

Whichever strategy you decide to use should be keenly monitored, measured, and optimized to make sure it will deliver great results for the business as you move forward. Collect as much data as you can and use it to refine your strategy to maximize results and most importantly, ROI.

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