Video: A New Way to Generate Leads and Sales

Our attention spans are shrinking. Research shows people are finding it harder and harder to stay focused.

Even as you’re reading this, your mind is probably starting to consider heading back to YouTube videos. With so much competition for audience attention, companies have to put more and more effort into grabbing their audience’s attention and keeping it. 

In a world where surveys are too boring and videos are too passive, VideoForm changes the game.

VideoForm allows you to easily create interactive videos from your normal marketing content. These interactive videos will help to keep your customers’ attention and lower your bounce rate. 

Create High Converting Conversational Videos with VideoForm

VideoForms helps you engage with your audience more efficiently than traditional marketing strategies. VideoForm lets you tell a story about your particular product or service while building stronger rapport and capturing more attention. 

Nowadays, people don’t want to work too hard or read too much to make a purchasing decision. In most cases, they’d much rather watch a video that tells them what they need to know quickly and simply. VideoForm allows users to quickly decide if a product or service is right for them.

Your Key to Building Deeper Consumer Connection

People love to buy from people. According to TechSmith, one-third of online activity is spent watching videos. The growing popularity of Twitch shows how consumers appreciate more interactive videos. Videos allow your customers to quickly build an understanding of what your brand is really about. 

Watching your videos is no longer a passive experience for your customers. VideoForm transforms marketing videos into an interactive experience for your customers. 

VideoForm is a video builder that lets your brand create personalized customer interactions. It is focused on providing you a more innovative way of getting in touch with potential customers.

VideoForm helps marketers and entrepreneurs convert more leads through interactive engaging conversations with customers. The sales team can use VideoForm to send highlyr-personalized video messages to prospects without jumping a bunch of hoops. This is a new strategic avenue to engage and tighten customer relationships. 

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How VideoForm Generates Sales and Leads 

From television to the internet, video advertisements are a big part of our life. As marketers, it is a constant challenge to make videos more engaging – to retain as many prospects as possible. 

VideoForm is a client-oriented tool that facilitates two-way communication. Your audience can interact with your videos and even respond through videos, audio, or text!.

VideoForm helps to convert more leads and engage in interactive conversations with customers. It is perfect for e-commerce startups wanting to establish stronger customer engagements.

With just 1 click, you can create interactions with potential clients and vice versa. With its pre-existing layouts, you can have the appropriate template for your industry. Here you can send personalized sales emails, create an interactive pop quiz, and send personalized video replies to build personal connections with your prospects. 

It is designed for simple use. In just a few minutes, you can build your own VideoForm. Just record your video, create an interaction workflow and send it to your audience. 

As an agency ready tool, you can easily share your VideoForms as a standalone page or embed it on your website.

VideoForm understands Ads. Its adept integration allows you to customize videos to boost SEO score. Its compatibility enables you to connect to 1000 Apps using Zapier.

VideoForm is one of the latest innovations in the field of interactive video marketing. Due to its ability to make normal videos feel like two-way conversations, we believe VideoForm is powering the next big thing in marketing.

Let Your Brand’s Face Be the Way to Increase Your Conversion

The passion that most consumers have for videos won’t likely change. The video will continue to grow and influence consumer choices.

VideoForm will take your marketing videos to the next level. Harness the latest technology to build stronger connections with your customers. 

VideoForm will keep your audience’s attention and boost your conversion rates. Enhance the conventional method of customer service with the latest marketing technology. Generate leads by establishing trust and credibility with VideoForm.

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