Alex Theo and Grant Baker – The Brains Behind UnlimPhotos

The founders of UnlimPhotos. A stock image library created to provide premium high-quality and royalty-free photos.

“To fill a gap in the market with confusing licensing, subscriptions that are unaffordable, and create a product that is easy to understand and drives a tremendous long-term value.”

We live in a world where everyone has endless access to various stock image platforms. But does that mean you are getting the quality you deserve? Are you getting the right images?

If you are a graphic designer or someone who needs images to use in different ways, you must have come across the term “stock images”. But what are these exactly? How and where can you find one?

Here you’ll know more about Alex Theo and Grant Baker — the founders of UnlimPhotos. A stock image library created to provide premium high-quality and royalty-free photos.

These stock images are made to be available for various purposes. They are perfect for personal or commercial creative projects, for websites, and blogs.

Let’s meet the brains of this adequately essential platform for your visual needs.


The Men Behind UnlimPhotos

Saastronatautics is delighted to introduce Alex and Grant.

With an aim to provide an easy and great way to enhance the professional look of any content, they established UnlimPhotos.

Previously worked at other stock image providers — YayImages, VectorGrove, PhotoBG, WiredCinema, and, they truly understand the importance of delivering edge for all users.

UnlimPhotos allows members to gain access to a diverse collection of high-quality and stunning images. Its millions of royalty-free stock photos sourced from thousands of photographers have corresponding legal protection. Indeed a platform where you will find stock images for all your needs.

Alex and Grant in Their Own Words

The significance of quality images for building a strong brand presence online isn’t exactly a new concept. Yet we all know that quality is everything when it comes to visual content.

As a responsible creator, you must always make sure that the images fully represent the brand and the message you want to deliver. With UnlimPhotos, Alex and Grant guarantee that there is the right image available for your every use. These are exceptional images and graphics that will significantly upgrade your content.

To fully understand the purpose and gist of UnlimPhotos, let’s check out from the founders firsthand:

Q: What does UnlimPhotos do?

A: UnlimPhotos simplifies stock photos with unlimited downloads of a beautiful hand-picked collection of over 12M high-quality photos and vectors, sourced from 18,000 talented global photographers. With flexible licensing and advanced search, finding the perfect creative is quick and easy, and the fresh content coming in every day – with over 100K new photos added every month.

Q: Why did you create this SaaS?

A: To fill a gap in the market with confusing licensing, subscriptions that are unaffordable, and create a product that is easy to understand and drives a tremendous long-term value.

Q: What is your software's USP?

A: Unlimited downloads of a quality diverse collection that is legally protected at a price all businesses can afford

Q: What are the long-term goals for your SaaS?

A: To help 100,000 businesses rid themselves of confusing stock subscriptions that miss the mark – and get the quality they deserve at a price they can afford.

UnlimPhotos and You

As you see, Alex and Grant’s UnlimPhotos is a great way to add spice to your texts. It serves as an accessory to emphasize the visual appeal of your commercial, editorial, and personal projects.

In this era where everything involves visuals, it is important to invest in images that will not only elevate trust but also satisfy the audience.

Brands thrive a lot to create a strong presence online. With UnlimPhotos you’ll get photos that are a click button away. Whether you are looking for animal photos, nature, or places, you’ll have them all in one place. These are no ordinary images, as these are premium quality photos to attract readers and help you prove a point.

They built UnlimPhotos to be as accessible as possible. A platform where it is free to sign-up and search for images. It has free support with no hidden costs!

UnlimPhotos as a Library That Keeps Giving


Definitely a compact tool with numerous features. UnlimPhotos has a text space search. Here you can find pictures with space for text. With its in-browser editor, you can customize your images with just a few clicks. No need to be troubled about forgotten searches, because they have included project folders for users. You can organize your photos in folders to easily share them with colleagues and clients.

Its WordPress plugin feature gives high-resolution and professional-caliber images for you to customize, optimize and upload in one. Of course, when the time comes you’ll search for your matinee idols, UnlimPhotos’ celebrity images are available for your editorial use.

They made UnlimPhotos so innovative that you can filter out the pictures you're not interested in. Its people search feature will assist in getting what exactly you want.

And with its intelligent visual search, it becomes easier to find the perfect image. With a simple drag and drop of your image to its visual search, you can get your specific need. You can even stay within the color palette when you want by using the color search filter. Worried about not being able to use all your images? No worries because with UnlimPhotos’ roll-over unused images feature, it will roll them over to the next month automatically!

Exceptional Images to Boost Quality Content

It is with great pleasure that Alex and Grant get to share their dedication to the digital world.

Their wide archive of beautiful and royalty-free images is a life-saver to visually doomed content. A simple tool with elaborative use to designers out there. Even a typical nomad can enjoy its advantages.

So remember, if you want to instantly develop engagement and trust with your audience, outstanding and high-quality images are your best way.

With UnlimPhotos, you can take a great step to expand your brand’s reach and increase your conversion.

Don't hesitate, start sourcing your content with high quality and affordable stock images. Alex and Grant would sure be more than happy to receive a query from you.

Connect with one of the most inspiring founders we have at [email protected]

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