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The digital era has seen seismic changes in work and how we find it. Over the years, most of the job-seeking process has gone online. Few thought this digital job marketplace would be possible. And it’s just gotten better, with KIWI.

KIWI evolves and transforms the freelancing process. There’s no need for sales pitches and proposals to get the job. KIWI is designed to achieve the goals of clients and freelancers in the most efficient way possible – to get jobs done and money paid in real-time.  

The New Generation of Freelancers

Freelancing is becoming increasingly possible. And why not? Freelancers can work at their own pace, avoid traffic, get work calls by the beach while enjoying the sun – anything is possible when working remotely.

Since work can be done anywhere, competition is also everywhere. In a world where millions of businesses and freelancers can find each other in just a few clicks, it can be a tedious process for both freelancers and their clients. Freelancers spend ages looking for work, sending proposals, and going for interviews. Clients, meanwhile, spend days interviewing prospective workers and reading proposals. 

These problems in freelancing have led to the emergence of a number of online freelancing platforms, all claiming to make freelancing better. But the sad reality is, most of these platforms are still as tedious as traditional hiring, with a few digitized steps. From long selection processes for clients to week-long waits for payouts for freelancers. 

KIWI Changes the Game

KIWI looks to truly transform how work is found. Instead of collecting commissions, KIWI charges freelancers monthly subscriptions. For clients, it’s free. When a KIWI user searches YouTube for a How-To guide on a certain subject, KIWI automatically assigns them a freelancer who is ready to do the job for them immediately. Through KIWI’s detailed registration process, KIWI’s algorithm rapidly connects clients to the best freelancer for the job. The entire process from searching for the video to meeting a freelancer on Zoom can take less than 180 seconds. 

Finding work on KIWI is effortless. All you need to do is download the browser extension, create a profile, indicate your expertise, and wait for work to come! KIWI doesn’t require freelancers to waste their time or effort selling themselves to get clients. KIWI only connects you to clients who need your expertise – immediately. 

KIWI is Better

Every freelancer has experienced the exasperation of spending hours looking for work. No matter what line of work you’re in, you want to spend more time working and less time looking. When you do find work, you want to be paid a fair rate. You don’t want to beg for the job or feel you have to undercut the competition.

KIWI was designed to be a tool that connects expert freelancers to real clients searching for know-howKIWI connects clients with experts who are available to resolve their issues in real-time. 

KIWI will never charge any commission on the money you make. Users can sign up for free, but premium features are available for a monthly subscription. With our exclusive lifetime deal, you can get in on the ground floor, for one fixed price, for life

KIWI is a real-time service. Within 3 minutes of a client initially searching youtube for a fix – you will be in a zoom call with the client. You’ll be expected to do work fast, but you can expect to get paid in just 60 minutes. The KIWI team is adamant that you should be paid for work before the sweat from your brow has dried. 

Make Your Freelancing Journey Easier With KIWI

Finding freelance work doesn’t have to be hard. The online world can seem infinitely huge and difficult to navigate. By staying online with KIWI, work comes to you whenever you’re online. KIWI is an uncomplicated, undemanding, and straightforward freelancing platform.

KIWI is here to serve as your medium to connect with clients who need your proficiency. It is the ideal platform for freelancers to acquire an employer without wasting hours selling themselves.

As long as your skills match a client’s needs, you’re as good as hired.

It is an exciting time for those hiring and those ready to adopt a new way of working, and the future only looks brighter with KIWI. Our team at Saastronautics is thrilled to get together with this trailblazing platform at the start of their journey. By purchasing our exclusive lifetime deal, our Saastronauts will get lifetime access to KIWI’s game-changing platform for one low price. 

– Freelancer on KIWI
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