How To Generate Revenue Through Your SaaS Marketing Strategy
SaaS Marketing Strategy

The process of creating an effective SaaS marketing strategy is not that easy.

SaaS brands need to study a different business model compared to traditional methods of marketing. You have to align your SaaS marketing strategy and marketing campaign to balance the outcome. The good thing is, tons of companies were able to develop an effective method to convert the target market.

So if you’re still looking for the right SaaS marketing strategy that will work for your business, your long wait is over.

What you have to do is to continue reading this article as we will unleash the most important things you need to know for your SaaS marketing strategy.

What is SaaS Marketing?

The basic concept of SaaS or Software as a Service is to access software online through a subscription. In this model, software vendors maintain the servers, databases, and code that makes up an application.

Particularly, you engage in the use of applications for your company. By doing so, your consumers can have access to the internet through a browser. And SaaS marketing is the system to use in marketing this type of software as a service.

SaaS marketing is an expanding method of marketing. It mainly focuses on advancing leads for subscription-based SaaS brands. Many programs are being sold by companies in cloud-based applications with constant updates and new features.

Why Do SaaS Companies Need a SaaS Marketing Strategy?

Every business no matter in what industry should have a marketing strategy, no exceptions.

Marketing outcomes specifically in SaaS companies don’t just happen by chance. By creating a SaaS marketing strategy, your assurance of targeting your desired audience is high. The clearer the strategy you have, the clearer you’ll see the success of its results.

An effective SaaS marketing strategy will provide you a clear framework and highlight the path you’re taking. These are important to achieve your specific objectives. Obviously, it sounds pretty simple. This is why many companies don't realize the importance of a marketing strategy.

In reality, to start with your SaaS marketing strategy, these pointers need to be considered:

  • Company goals and objectives
  • Target market and personas
  • Positioning within the marketplace
  • Multi-channel activity plan
  • Timeframe for implementation

8 SaaS Marketing Strategy to Generate Revenue

To improve your SaaS revenue, you have to apply the best SaaS marketing strategy to extend your customer base. In this part, you will get the 8 best tips that can help you achieve that.

1. Reduce Churn the Right Way

One significant measurement you need to trace in your SaaS marketing strategy is the churn rate. It shows the number of consumers that chose to leave your product in a particular period.

Additionally, churn plays an important role in the challenges that companies face today. But in order to address it, you need to set a standard on what is the best rate for your brand. As a result, you would be able to carry out the essential strategies to achieve it.

Develop an effective customer retention strategy. This would help your business reduce churn. Retaining customers is easier than looking for new customers. They are easier to pleased with new products. They are the key to grow your SaaS business successfully.

2. Boost the Average Revenue per User

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Another effective SaaS marketing strategy that will generate your revenue is to boost the average revenue per user. This method will let you measure the average revenue of your SaaS users in a specific period.

To do that, consider growing your product, work on your pricing and upsell and cross-sell to your existing customers.

First of all, as a SaaS company, it is important to always seek improvements. Improved products are most likely to increase their value. By achieving this, it will result in a boost in average revenue per user.

In terms of working on your pricing, it should align with an enhanced product. It would be easier to explain to your consumers why inflation happened.

Finally, upsell and cross-selling to existing customers. This makes a difference with your average revenue per user. Most users are maximizing their use of a product based on how much they pay for them. So offering them different options based on functionality will guarantee a boost on the average revenue of your company.

3. Increase Sign-Up Rates

Marketing your landing page seems to be one of the simplest ways to increase sign-up rates. However, it won’t work if you don’t optimize the sign-up process the right way.

So how can you make sure that the consumers will definitely check out whatever you’re offering?

Put your customer reviews to work. Customers' feedbacks will always bring you insights on how you can improve your products. Similarly, a positive testimonial on your site will highlight the reason why new visitors should try out your SaaS product.

According to research, 90% of users’ purchasing decisions were based on reading reviews about the product (Zendesk). While this is true, negative feedbacks should also need to be addressed. Every review is like taking a step back and evaluating your performance based on someone’s point of view. Which is a good SaaS marketing strategy.

4. Invest in PPC Marketing

PPC is another effective SaaS marketing strategy when executed properly.

Choosing the right keyword plays an important role in this strategy. You have to do extensive research on the search interests of the consumers. To have a better understanding of choosing the right keywords, check this article: How To Choose The Right Keywords For The Platform You Are Promoting.

Additionally, build trust with your customers. Before investing in a PPC advertisement, you have to nurture a relationship with your target audience. Educate your leads by working on your branding and based on the results, you can decide whether PPC ads are necessary.

5. Interact on Social Media

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The importance of social media in your SaaS marketing strategy should also need to take into consideration. There are several aspects of how social media strategies can help SaaS companies:

  • Boost Credibility: The chances of reaching into a wider market are extremely higher than other platforms. This is the perfect platform where you can raise brand awareness.
  • Build a Community: Engaging in communities will help your business gain more networks by all means.
  • Retain and Captivate: Share your products and services on social media to capture the interests of new prospects. Consistency with your posts also makes a huge difference in retaining current customers as well as attracting new users.

6. Invest in Credibility

One of the most important things that marketers should possess is credibility. Consumers are completely aware that the web offers millions of software that can make their lives easier. Thus, the first thing to search about is the capability of the software to satisfy their needs.

There are certain things you can do to prove that your company is credible. By showing them positive feedbacks from other users, customer service satisfaction, license/certificate of authenticity, and more. Taking all these into consideration is surely worth your SaaS marketing strategy and efforts.

7. Keep the Free Trials Short

Free trials are pretty common when promoting a SaaS product. A free trial is much appreciated by consumers. It allows them to test if the features are suitable for their daily needs. But as much as consumers love this method, it could still give a negative result when not implemented the right way.

The reason why you have to keep free trials short is simply that it is not necessary at all. A user would easily know if they would upgrade to premium versions or not. It’s either they will leave or upgrade after a short period of time navigating through it. If it took them long to find the value of your products, then there must be something wrong with it or you’re selling it to the wrong person.

8. Optimize Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is also the best option to include in your SaaS marketing strategy.

One useful tip to use this strategy effectively is a personalized approach. For a better chance of getting a response from your leads, a customized email would help. Never send your customers obvious scripted or drafted emails.

All You Need To Know About Content Personalization is in this article.

Final Thoughts

SaaS companies are facing challenging competition in the market. Hence, planning a SaaS marketing strategy with proper execution is essential to deliver exceptional results.

The 8 strategies to generate revenue through the SaaS marketing strategy that was mentioned above will guide you to produce a higher ROI and increase your customer base. Remember to constantly evaluate the performance of these strategies or even if you have your own to improve them for even better results.

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