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March 2021

Nirmal Desai,


Nirmal founded CreedAlly and focused on giving their clients the results they can be proud of and the confidence to keep running their businesses. His team takes care of everything–right from getting a business off the ground to managing complex multiple WordPress websites & daily maintenance tasks.

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saastronautics of the month

Saastronaut of the Month 2021

saastronautics of the month
Before establishing his agency, Syed worked at software development powerhouse Cubix for more than a decade. Syed’s experience from his time at the US-based firm is just one aspect of his IT expertise.
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saastronautics of the month
Aman’s agency focuses on helping startups to launch their product as quickly as possible. He has been helping a lot of founders fulfill their dreams since entering entrepreneurship way back in 2013.
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Saastronautics aims to inspire, motivate and inform the community as we grow together. Every month, one of the many special Saastronauts will be chosen as our Saastronaut of the month.

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